Are the Shops Open on the Queen’s Birthday (Which, Yes, Is Still a Public Holiday)?

Whats open Queens Birthday

This year, despite Queen Elizabeth II passing in September last year, we will still continue to celebrate her birthday in the form of a public holiday recognised across Australia. As with previous years, though, not all states and territories will have the public holiday on the same day.

In 2023, those in Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory will see the holiday fall on Monday, June 12.

In Western Australia, though, the governor actually proclaims the holiday each year, choosing a date at either the end of September or the beginning of October. This year, the Queen’s Birthday in WA falls on Monday, September 25.

Queensland is the other state that doesn’t celebrate the Queen’s Birthday in June, like the rest of the country. Like WA, it has it later in the year, and in 2023, the Queen’s Birthday in QLD will fall on Monday, October 2.

That said, what does the public day then translate to in terms of venue and shop opening hours? If you’re staying around home for the long weekend, or even travelling within Australia and wanting to food or drink shop, update your wardrobe or dine out, what can you expect to be open?

Restaurants, Bars or Cafés

Generally speaking, most venues will be operating normal trading hours on the Queen’s Birthday. In saying that, many of them are usually closed on Mondays so that’ll remain the case. Check online or call ahead to avoid disappointment. Also, for those venues that are open, expect to pay public holiday surcharges on meals and drinks.

Bottle Shops

There are no restrictions on bottle shops trading on the Queen’s Birthday so they can open any hours they want. The public holiday does require employers may penalty rates, so some smaller bottle shops may opt to stay closed. Again, check online or call ahead.

Shopping Centres

Major shopping centres including Westfield will adopt normal trading hours on the Queen’s Birthday. That should be the case with independent shops, too, though keep in mind employee penalty rates may prompt them to shut Monday and that some don’t usually open Mondays anyway.


Most major supermarkets, including Woolworths and Coles, will be operating as usual on Monday. Independent food shops, though, may adopt the same mentality as mentioned above, opting to close because of having to pay penalty rates or not usually opening on Mondays.

Post Offices

Most post offices, including Australia Post, will be closed on the Queen’s Birthday, which for those in Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory means June long weekend.

No local mail or parcel deliveries will take place, including Express Post items, on Sunday, June 11 or Monday, June 12.

The next guaranteed day of delivery for Express Post items posted before closing time on the business day before a public holiday will be the next business day after a public holiday. In other words, if you send an item Express Post on Friday, June 9 it’ll arrive Tuesday, June 13.

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