My Personal Defence of the Bum Bag

Bum Bags

For the longest time, I wanted to crucify the bum bag. I ridiculed them. I thought that every single one of them was ridiculous and a fashion crime. But in 2020, my girlfriend gifted me a fanny pack, and my life has been infinitely better. Here are the reasons that made me fall in love with this glute pouch:

It’s Made Me 100% More Organised

In my early twenties, I probably went through 18 phones and five wallets. And that’s not an exaggeration, I would literally lose small important items all the time. Heck, I even lost my keys last December, and I know that they’re hidden somewhere inside of my couch.

However, do you know who many things I’ve lost in 2020? That’s right, thanks to the bum bag it’s been zero. I now know where my wallet, phone, and keys are at all times. I no longer frantically pat-down myself at the train station. I am now living my life in a transcendental bliss without worry. 

It’s Made Me More Stylish?

Look, I’m not a fashion wizard or anything. My favorite hat has Jim’s Mowing logo on it. Nevertheless, I will say this: Gucci has now released a fanny pack. And if this super brand is chasing this trend, surely it’s not the worst offence to be wearing one. Right?

It’s Made Me a Lot Happier

Every time I look at my bum bag, I just smile. Why? Well, I know that it has chewing gum and a Gameboy in it. And what could make a human happier than that?

It also can help me take life a little less seriously. For example, I used to sometimes leave my house feeling undesirable or like I couldn’t dress right. But now whenever I feel like that, my bum bag says, “Hey man. I know that you’re feeling blue, but it’s going to be alright. We’re only on earth for a bit, so strap me on, and let’s go have a good laugh.” So I listen to this ridiculous item, wear it out, and have the greatest time without pressure. 

Alright, that’s why I fell in love with my bum bag. If you’re also a human that loses things regularly, or just wants to be a little less serious, then consider buying this item.

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