What’s the Difference Between the Apple Watch Series 8, Ultra and SE?

Apple Watches

Earlier this month, during an event broadcast from its company headquarters in Cupertino, California, Apple announced a suite of new products, including an updated model of the Apple Watch, a Series 8, along with two new models, an SE and Ultra.

So, what are the differences between the three? We round-up all the highlight features of each, as well as what colours they come in, their release dates and, most importantly, their prices. While this guide is in no way exhaustive, it should give you some idea of the key differences. Also, note that new software watchOS is available to download and use on all models of Apple Watches.

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Apple Watches

Apple Watch Series 8

First up, the upgrade to Series 7: Series 8. Its two biggest differing features from the previous model are skin temperature sensor (also available on Ultra), which can be used as a tool for tracking ovulation and fertility, and crash detection (also available on both Ultra and SE), in the form of two new motion sensors inside.

Product options: Apple Watch Series 8 comes in 41mm and 45mm aluminium and stainless steel cases. Aluminium case colours include starlight, midnight, silver and (PRODUCT)RED while the stainless steel cases are silver, graphite and gold.

Release date: Apple Watch Series 8 went on sale Friday, September 16.

Price: $629

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra was inspired by explorers and athletes, and was designed for extreme, rugged environments. It’s water-resistant until 100m (Series 8 and SE are until 50m), comes with a depth gauge with water temperature sensor and has EN13319 certification, which is an internationally recognised standard for dive accessories.

The Ultra has up 2000nits brightness, whereas the Series 8 offers 1000nits brightness, meaning the Ultra should be better in direct sunlight. It also has a Night Mode when on the Wayfinder face, which switches the watch face to red.

Finally, during normal use, Apple Watch Ultra can reach up to 36 hours of battery life with iPhone present. Apple Watch SE and Series 8 can only reach 18 hours.

Product options: Apple Watch Ultra comes in a 49-mm titanium case.

Release date: Apple Watch Ultra will go on sale Friday, September 23.

Price: $1,299

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Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE is a great Apple Watch to start with if you’ve never had one before, or to give to someone as a present. It has the same case design as Series 8, but its back case is made from super-light nylon composite material instead.

It shares many of the same features as the Series 8, including 18 hours battery life, crash detection and is water-resistant up to 18 hours. Unlike the Series 8, though, it doesn’t offer temperature sensing, always-on display or the blood oxygen app.

Product options: Apple Watch SE is available in 40mm and 44mm aluminium cases, in midnight, starlight and silver finishes.

Release date: Apple Watch SE went on sale Friday, September 16.

Price: $399

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