All About the New Apple AirPods Max


The dust hasn’t yet settled from the news of Apple’s new iPhone 12 release, and yet the tech giant has announced the latest product to grace its range.

On December 8, Apple introduced AirPods Max. The sleek headphones showcase “the magic of AirPods to an over-ear design with high-fidelity sound”, and cost $899.

Here’s what we know about the new Apple AirPods Max, including their release date in Australia, features, and cool new colourways.

Apple AirPods Max design

The design of the AirPods Max has been thought out to deliver a comfortable and elevated listening experience. The breathable knit mesh on the canopy, spanning the length of the headband, exists to distribute weight and reduce pressure on the wearer’s head.

The headband itself is made from stainless steel to ensure strength and flexibility for every head shape, while the ear cups are designed to distribute pressure and fit your ear with acoustically engineered memory foam to create an effective seal, which Apple says is crucial for delivering immersive sound.

AirPods Max comes in five colours: space grey, silver, sky blue, green, and pink.


Apple AirPods Max features

Form meets function in the many features of the AirPods Max. The device uses computational audio to deliver the highest quality sound with:

Adaptive EQ — Real-time Adaptive EQ adjusts the sound to the fit and seal of the ear cushions by measuring the sound signal delivered in play.

Active Noise Cancellation — Three outward-facing microphones detect environmental noise while one microphone inside the ear cup monitors the sound reaching the listener’s ear. AirPods Max then adapts to cancel peripheral noise.

Transparency mode — Transparency mode allows the user to listen to high-quality music while still hearing the environment around them. Ideal for commutes or workplaces.

Spatial audio — AirPods Max use spatial audio with dynamic head tracking to place sounds virtually anywhere in a space, delivering a theatre-like experience.

The Digital Crown as part of the device takes inspiration from the Apple Watch, to allow users to control volume, press play, pause, skip and engage in phone calls.

AirPods Max automatically senses when they’re placed atop a users head, and music can be paused by simply lifting off an ear cup.

The headphones are easy to set up in one-tap and will automatically pair with all Apple devices on the same iCloud account, including an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.


Apple AirPods Max battery

Apple says its new AirPods Max will serve up to 20 hours of battery life, using the high-fidelity audio, talk time, or movie playback with Active Noise Cancellation and spatial audio enabled.

The device comes with a Smart Case that puts the AirPods Max in an ultralow-power state to help preserve battery charge, while the tech also comes with a Lightning to USB-C cable for when the battery runs dry.

Apple AirPods Max in Australia

The new Apple AirPods Max are available to order today (with free engraving), with shipping estimates on December 23, 2020. In Australia, the Apple AirPods Max will cost $899, which is more than double the cost of AirPods Pro.

You can find out more about the Apple AirPods Max and order yours here.

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