Not That We’re Already Thinking About Next Year’s Holidays, But When’s Anzac Day 2023?

Anzac Day biscuits

There are few things Aussies relish more than a public holiday, and we’re already thinking about the days we’re getting off next year — specifically, Anzac Day.

Commemorated every April 25, in 2023, that day falls on a Tuesday, giving us a day off midweek. Though, if we take the Monday off, we’ll be treated to a four-day weekend. And why wouldn’t you, considering you’re four days off for the price of just one?

When Is Anzac Day 2023? 

So, again, when is Anzac Day next year? The public holiday falls on Tuesday, April 25, giving the whole country the day off. Interestingly, Anzac Day and Australia Day are the only two public holidays that are celebrated at the same time, nationwide.

Is Anzac Day a Public Holiday 2023?

Yes, the only reason you wouldn’t be getting a day off for Anzac Day is if it fell on a weekend day. This happened in 2021, when Anzac Day fell on a Sunday, and some states and territories missed out.

This is because though Anzac Day is officially listed as a national public holiday, when it falls on a weekend, it doesn’t automatically attract a day off during the week for every state.

The rules for Queensland, the Northern Territory, and South Australia stipulate that if Anzac Day is on a Sunday, a public holiday will be granted on the following Monday. In addition, Western Australia and the ACT always get a public holiday for ANZAC day if it falls on either a Saturday or a Sunday.

In New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, however, they don’t have those rules, and so those states and territories missed out on Anzac Day in 2023.

Why Don’t All States Always Get a Public Holiday for Anzac Day?

The main reason Anzac Day doesn’t attract a public holiday if it falls on the weekend is due to the history and nature of the day. ANZAC Day is a day to commemorate those who lost their lives in service, and as such, this can take place on any day, including a weekend.

“Anzac Day is when Australia comes together to recognise all those who have served our nation and pay tribute to the sacrifice of more than 102,000 Australians who have given their lives in the service of our country,” Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Darren Chester, said.

The Australian Government is dedicated to honouring the service and sacrifice of our military personnel, veterans and their families and recognise the contribution our military families have made to our nation.

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