Take These Annual Leave Days to Get the Most Time Off Work in 2020


With a little bit of holiday hacking, you can secure yourself a generous amount of annual leave while only taking half the number of days off. How, you ask? By cleverly booking annual leave either side of your state’s predetermined public holidays. Just be sure to get in quickly before your colleagues work out these ultimate AL hacks. 

January —

Book four days of annual leave for a nine-day holiday. 

Make the most of the Australia Day public holiday by booking the four days that follow the Monday public holiday as annual leave. 

Travel between:
Saturday, 25 January – Sunday, 2 February

Book these dates:
Tuesday, 28 January
Wednesday, 29 January
Thursday, 30 January
Friday, 31 February

April —

Book eight days of annual leave for a 16-day holiday. 

Both ANZAC Day and Easter sit just days apart in April, which means that if you take off the period between, you can literally double your leave. Not enough leave accrued? Just choose one of the weeks to take off instead of both. 

Travel between:
Saturday, 4 April – Sunday, 19 April

Book these dates:
Monday, 6 April
Tuesday, 7 April
Wednesday, 8 April
Thursday, 9 April
Tuesday, 14 April
Wednesday, 15 April
Thursday, 16 April
Friday, 17 April

June —

Book four days of annual leave for a nine-day holiday.

The Queen’s Birthday, which falls on Monday, June 8 in 2020, gives you the chance to enjoy a substantial break from the city. 

Travel between:
Saturday, 6 June – Sunday, 14 June

Book these dates:
Tuesday, 9 June
Wednesday, 10 June
Thursday, 11 June
Friday, 12 June

October —

Book four days of annual leave for a nine-day holiday.

After a long few months of no public holidays, Labour Day swoops in to provide the perfect opportunity for a pre-Christmas escape. 

Travel between:
Saturday, 3 October – Sunday, 11 October

Book these dates:
Tuesday, 6 October
Wednesday, 7 October
Thursday, 8 October
Friday, 9 October

December/January —

Book seven days of annual leave for a 16-day holiday. 

The festive period is brimming with travel opportunities. Get in quick before your colleagues and book these dates for a generous break. 

Travel between:
Saturday, 19 December – Sunday, 3 January

Book these dates:
Monday, 21 December
Tuesday, 22 December
Wednesday, 23 December
Thursday, 24 December
Tuesday, 29 December
Wednesday, 30 December
Thursday, 31 December