In a Very Unexpected Crossover, ‘And Just Like That’ Featured a ‘Succession’ Easter Egg

And Just Like That has plenty of references to Sex and the City, which is expected considering it’s a reboot of the popular TV series. But what we didn’t expect was a similarity to HBO’s hit show Succession, a story about the extremely wealthy Roy family.

In season three of Succession, Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) uses his ex-wife Rava’s (Natalie Gold) apartment to plan his campaign against his father Logan (Brian Cox). During the heated episode, his conniving siblings come over to have a talk, which takes place in the living room.

The New York penthouse is hard to forget, and thanks to the Architectural Digest, we know it’s valued at $23 million (AUD$32 million). The black spiral staircase and the minimalistic decor really helped set the scene, and it seems it’s not just Kendall who is a fan of the property.

In episode four of And Just Like That, Lisa Todd Wexley (Nicole Ari Parker) hosts a dinner party at her home, and she seems to live in the exact same apartment. The small detail did not go unnoticed, with viewers of both the shows taking to Twitter to point out the Easter egg.

Instagram / @raven_smith

While we’re sure it wasn’t intentional, it’s still a nice surprise if you’re familiar with both shows. Oh, and there is the similarity that both Succession and And Just Like That feature some awful characters who we can’t help but love.

The real-life location is actually up for a sale if you have a few cool million lying around. Situated at the top of the famous Woolworth Building in New York, the penthouse comes complete with five bedrooms, six skylights, four full bathrooms and two extra toilets.

The stunning 623 square-metre space is perfect for both hosting dinners with your fashion-forward friends or scheming against your powerful father.

Succession and And Just Like That are both available to stream on BINGE.

This post originally appeared on POPSUGAR Australia.

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