Will There Be a Second Season of ‘And Just Like That’? We Examine the Evidence

and just like that season 2

With just four episodes to go, there are still a few plot points to be brought home on And Just Like That— the long-awaited, yet ill-fated reboot of HBO mainstay Sex and the City.

We are very keen to know where Carrie will finally scatter Big’s ashes (they are currently collecting dust in her closet), what the ramifications of Che and Miranda‘s kitchen sex will be and whether or not Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) may make an appearance in a more meaningful way than simply a few text messages to Carrie. Oh, and we are also very, very, very keen to see Aidan reappear, as it was rumoured that he would.

One thing we know for sure is that Chris Noth will not be making any further appearance in the series after a cameo of his in the final episode of season one was cut amidst sexual assault allegations made against the actor by multiple women.

So, will there be a second season of And Just Like That? so that these storylines can be better fleshed out instead of rushed to wrap? Or will this reboot go down in history as a one-and-done offering, leaving us with hundreds of questions and an unfulfilled desire to see more, no matter how much we bitched about season one?

Let’s examine the evidence.

During an interview with Emmy Magazine, showrunner Michael Patrick King said that none of what they have done so far feels like a “beginning, middle, and an end,” while he told E! that he sees no reason not to keep going if they have more stories to tell.

Meanwhile, HBO Max chief content officer Casey Bloys has said that the future of And Just Like That depends on the interest and availability of the three (potentially four) leading ladies.

“To tell you the truth, it would be a conversation, because I have no idea. They kind of came together to do this,” he told Vulture. “They were all really busy and doing other things. So it is certainly a conversation we’ll have — for sure. But we haven’t decided anything or done anything. I’m going to leave it up to these guys to figure out what they want to do, but I’m very happy with what they’ve done.”

And, the question on everyone’s lips, if And Just Like That were to return, is there any hope at all that Kim Cattrall would be involved? Sadly that does not seem likely as Cattrall has been very open about the fact that her time on the original series was not a fun one. In fact, she called the set a “toxic environment.”

In an interview with EW in December 2021, King also squashed any hopes of Cattrall making a comeback, denying that he’s leaving the door open for Samantha’s return. “No, [we’re not leaving the door open for Samantha’s return],” he said

In reference to the very first episode of season one in which Carrie and Miranda discuss the absence of their friend, King said, “It’s Carrie and Miranda talking about their friendship, and how strange it is that they’re not together forever. It’s not a tease saying Kim Cattrall’s coming back. Samantha lives in London. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha have had a little bit of a split.

“So really what it is, and why it resonates, is because everybody believes those friendships were forever. The audience believed those friendships were forever, and so did the main characters. We’re trying to mirror that feeling, but it’s not an invite. It’s a story point.”

Elsewhere, it has been suggested that a second season of the show might not go ahead due to the troubling allegations levelled against Noth, but seeing as his character has already been killed off, it seems unlikely that his alleged misdeeds would have any bearing on the fate of the reboot.

All in all, it seems highly improbable that HBO Max would just leave all that sweet IP cash sitting on the table so I would say we can remain cautiously optimistic that we will see more adventures from Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte as they fabulously fumble their ways through mid-life.

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