And Just Like That… Kim Cattrall Will Be Samantha Jones Once Again

It’s been a hot minute since And Just Like That…, the fairly divisive Sex and the City reboot, was released. However, despite getting a mixed reception, it still scored a second season. Now, Season 2 is finally here.

Whether you loved the first instalment, hate-watched it, or just thought it was some good old fashioned mindless entertainment, there’s no denying this was a reboot that had people talking.

Of course, not all of those conversations were positive ones. Most prominently, there were the troubling sexual assault allegations against Chris Noth, who played Mr Big. Noth was subsequently cut from a scene in the finale in which his character was supposed to appear in a dream sequence.

And Just Like That… Season 1’s Biggest Conversation Points

Sara Ramirez’s performance as Che Diaz set the internet on fire in 2022. Ramirez’s character was so polarising in the fandom, they could give pineapple pizza a run for its money.

Many took umbrage with the fact that Che, who is supposed to be a comedian worthy of their own Netflix special, was just… not funny. Others grumbled that they were more akin to some sort of unhinged bargain-basement motivational speaker who told people to “step out of the box” instead of delivering a perfectly workshopped tight five.

What’s more, nearly everyone was mortified by how one formerly cynical Miranda Hobbes, Esq, became nothing more than a caricature of everything she once hated.

In and amongst all of that, there was also a storyline that saw Charlotte’s youngest child reckon with their gender identity, the exploration of grief and the loss of loved ones. Additionally, there was all too brief toe-dip into the issue of fertility, plus new friends, old friends, absent friends and, naturally, fabulous fashion.

And Just Like That Season 2 Trailer

Kim Cattrall Will Play Samantha Jones Once More

At the end of May 2023, Variety confirmed that Kim Cattrall would be making her return to the Sex and the City universe as the sensational Samantha Jones. Her scene will take place in the Season 2 finale.

Viewers will recall that in Season 1 of And Just Like That… Carrie and Samantha had become estranged. Samantha had moved to London after her falling out with Carrie. This was because of the longstanding, real-life tensions between actresses Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Cattrall did not appear in Season 1 at all. Nevertheless, her fan-favourite character lived on via text messages and flowers sent to Carrie at Big’s funeral. In the finale of Season 1, we saw Carrie in Paris, on her way to meet up with Samantha for an off-screen dinner.

Now, Cattrall will briefly reprise her role for the Season 2 finale. In the scene, Samantha and Carrie will have a phone conversation, and we’ll get to see Samantha once again.

Stylist and OG costume designer Patricia Field has dressed Samantha for the scene.

However, Variety notes that Cattrall’s appearance as Samantha will not be a continuation of the character, at least for now.

And Just Like That… Has a Release Date

Season 2 of And Just Like That… will debut on June 22 in Australia, with new episodes dropping weekly. Samantha and Carrie’s scene will air in August.

Our Season 2 And Just Like That… Theories

As it stands, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the second season of And Just Like That… So, we decided to take the liberty of taking a stab in the dark at what we think could happen when the next instalment hits our screens.

Che and Miranda Will Not Last

Perhaps we are simply trying to manifest this one, but does anyone actually see Che and Miranda going the distance?

For one thing, it seems as though Miranda has just refused to hear Che when they have told her repeatedly that they don’t do traditional relationships and are also polyamorous.

For another thing, Che is, well… Che. Surely even Miranda, who seems to have been rendered brainless thanks to the non-stop orgasms Che has been giving her, will come around to her new paramour’s general insufferableness.

Say it into existence, people!

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Steve Will Get Justice

Piggybacking on from the above, viewers were dismayed at how poor old Steve Brady — the plucky bartender from Queens who used to be the best sex Miranda ever had before he completely forgot where her clitoris is — was treated in the reboot.

The hashtag #justiceforsteve quickly began trending with Tweets such as this one circulating the web:

We are all for the return of Mastercard Debbie, so we are adding her reunion with Steve to our list of predictions.

Che Will Become a Mentor for Rock

This one would make sense and it really would be nice for Rock’s storyline to be explored in more depth.

Regardless of how Che and Miranda’s relationship pans out, we would love to see Che provide guidance for Rock, and also for Harry and Charlotte, as they navigate the topic of gender identity.

Let’s just hope Che doesn’t also guide Rock toward a career in “comedy” though because one “new Roseanne Barr” is already way too many.

Charlotte and Harry Will Get Kinky

Charlotte has always been way more sexually adventurous than people give her credit for. Remember when she nonchalantly announced over brunch that she and Trey enjoyed a bit of “tucus lingus”?

Or when she declared to a table of stick-up-their-ass former sorority sisters that she just wanted to be “f**ked hard”?

Well, we see some fun experimentation in Harry and Charlotte’s future including, but not limited to, a threesome, some role-playing and doing it on sheets that are less than 800 thread count. Wild.

The New Characters Will Be Developed

In Season 1, we barely got a chance to get to know Nya, Seema, and Lisa. They’re the new friends who were introduced to make Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte seem more “woke”.

Nya’s storyline, in particular, is something we’d love to see more of. The first season saw Nya and her husband taking some time apart after struggling with infertility and arriving at different places in terms of how they felt about that. It would be powerful to see this topic explored further, so here’s hoping Season 2 delivers.

It would be great to get to know Seema better as well. But honestly? She’s so cool, we would settle for each episode featuring an extended montage of her just standing around smoking, and generally not giving a f**k.

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Carrie’s Podcast Will Be Turned Into a TV Show

Look, if Che can be given a TV show out in LA after never making anything close to a joke, Carrie can be extended the same courtesy.

As you know, Sex and the City was originally a book written by Candace Bushnell. It was then adapted into the original TV series (and two really bad movies). Then, And Just Like That… came along, featuring Carrie’s podcast. In AJLT… Carrie’s podcast is based on her Sex and the City column and its subsequent book.

We predict that in And Just Like That… Season 2, Carrie’s podcast will be adapted for television. It will be very meta, and we’ll be subjected to this never-ending cycle until we die.

And Just Like That
Credit: HBO

The first season of And Just Like That… is now streaming on BINGE.

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