‘And Just Like That’ Has This Many Episodes (So You Can Plan Your Thursdays Accordingly)

and just like that episodes

Love it or hate it, there is no denying the Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That… has got people talking (and watching).

In the first six episodes we’ve seen Mr Big (Chris Noth) killed off after his 1000th Peloton ride, the departure of Stanford in order to accommodate the untimely passing of Willie Garson and Charlotte’s youngest child changing their name to Rock as they don’t identify as female.

We’ve also had to get used to the “fab four” being whittled down to three as Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) declined to return for the reboot (you can catch her in the upcoming series How I Met Your Father instead), with the character’s absence being (poorly) explained as her having moved to London after being angry that Carrie no longer needed her a publicist. She has made a few “appearances” however, by way of flowers sent to Big’s funeral and a few muted text exchanges with Carrie.

Oh, and we also got treated to a super-steamy kitchen sex scene between Miranda and Che (Sara Ramirez) as Carrie quietly peed into a Snapple bottle (which she promptly spilled all over her bed).

Off-screen, there has been plenty of drama as well as Chris Noth was accused of sexual assault by three different women. His reported cameo in the finale of the reboot was promptly cut out in response to the allegations and he was also dropped by his agent and his CBS drama The Equalizer.

So, yeah, suffice to say it’s been an eventful return for the high-fashion, female-focused series.

With six episodes already under our belts — and no sign yet of Aidan (John Corbett) who was supposed to be making a comeback in this reimagining — you might be wondering just how many episodes make up the first season of And Just Like That…

Well, friends, there are 10 episodes in the season which means we are just four away from the very finale Mr Big was written out of. Assuming BINGE continues to drop one episode a week, that should mean the last episode will air on February 3rd.

Will Miranda leave Steve in order to explore her sexuality? Will Charlotte finally come fully to terms with Rock’s identity? Will Carrie dip her Louboutin’s back into the middle-aged Manhattan dating pool? Will Samantha decide to move back from London and resume a life of listening to the other three complain about everything?

Watch this space.

And Just Like That is now streaming on BINGE. You can find all of our coverage, here.

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