‘And Just Like That…’ These NYC Locations Will Be a Must for Your Next Holiday

And Just Like That filming locations

Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and all the new characters we were introduced to in ‘And Just Like That’ season one are back in our lives, with season two having kicked off this month on Binge in Australia. And just like the first season of the reboot, not to mention the entire series of the original ‘Sex and the City’, we’re once again treated to scenes shot in some of the trendiest parts of New York.

Ahead, we’re sharing all the open-to-the-public locations we’ve seen in the show so far. Add these hotspots to your next NYC holiday.


The restaurant Daniel, on the Upper East Side, appeared twice in season two, episode one. First, it was where Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Anthony dined when they discussed plans for the Met Gala. Daniel was also later featured as the spot where Seema lunches with Zed, his ex, and their son. Seema ends up leaving the restaurant when she finds out Zed and his ex are still living together.

Opened in 1993, the restaurant was named for chef Daniel Boulud and is known for its European fare, perfect set menus, and its world-class wine cellar. The main dining room here showcases Neo-Classic architecture and features custom Bernadaud chandeliers and large-scale landscape paintings by American artist Alex Katz.

Image: I Love NY

GG Tokyo

Nya spends her evening reading and drinking Malbec at the Japanese restaurant and cocktail bar GG Tokyo, on the edge of the Nomad and Murray Hill neighbourhoods. The venue was inspired by the Golden Gai, an area of six small alleys in Tokyo’s Shinjuku which is frequented by artists, musicians, and writers.


Zooba is the spot where Carrie’s former podcasting co-host Jackie buys her lunch to thank her for wearing designs by his girlfriend Smoke to the Met Gala. Jackie pays using a blue credit card from ‘Smurf National Bank’. The Nolita eatery serves elevated Egyptian street food and is headquartered in Cairo.


In episode two, Seema and Zed dine at another restaurant on the Upper East Side, Nello. Located on Madison Avenue, the restaurant serves authentic Italian, much of it made fresh daily with ingredients from Northern Italy. It’s best known for its dishes featuring winter truffles and its handmade pastas.

Nello Restaurant
Image: Nello

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