Amy Gerard on Mums DM’ing Her, Why She Launched a Podcast and Where She Sees Herself in 5 Years

Amy Gerard

In a world of curated Instagram feeds, Amy Gerard stands out. Instead of showing only the good bits of life, the Sydney mum-of-three and columnist for The Latch (lucky us!) shares it all, from her husband Rhian’s inability to hang his wet towel, to sleepless nights caused by waking children and the need to escape it all by embodying alter-ego Maureen. And it’s paid off. As of writing this, Gerard has over 103,000 followers on Instagram.

And this week, she’s decided to give those fans even more of a peek into her life with the launch of a new podcast called Beyond The Likes. Out now, the podcast delves into topics such as sex, wine and everything that happens after kids, all with Gerard’s signature honest and hilarious delivery.

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We were fortunate enough to get to ask Gerard some questions about why she thinks she’s gained such a loyal following, how many mums DM her every week and why she decided to start a podcast. Here’s what she said.

The Latch: Can you give us a bit of background on you and your career as a mum-fluencer?

Amy Gerard: There’s nothing overly exciting to tell. I was working as a paralegal when I found out I was pregnant with my boyfriend of six months and I basically took to Instagram (like everyone else does) to announce it. I documented my pregnancy and then my first year as a mum like all new mums do.

Only difference is that I didn’t go down the sunshine and rainbows every day path, I told it exactly how it was. That the nights were brutal, my nipples looked like they’d been put in a blender and my butt hole was inside out for at least four weeks after giving birth. In the same breath, I also spoke about the love you have for your child, how you want to protect them so fiercely that it consumes you and how they really should send you home from hospital with a manual.

Instagram @amy.gerard

I think I just became an authentic, relatable voice for other women to find solace in when they too were flailing blindly in their new role as ‘Mum’.

TL: Why do you think your following has grown so quickly?

AG: I don’t think there are enough people who tell it like it is. I know a lot of my friends will shy away from talking openly about the struggles of parenthood/marriage and it’s only at the very last breaking point for them that they will eventually speak up. And each to their own, I guess. I just see a very common theme in my inbox and its messages from women saying ‘thank you for sharing, I feel less alone now’ etc etc…

Being authentic is key. People can sniff out bullshit from a mile away. I also think having a sense of humour is imperative when it comes to parenting and you need to be able to have a laugh at the things you can’t control, which is basically everything when it comes to toddlers. I’ve also tried to not pigeonhole myself just as a ‘Mum-fluencer’. I’m a lot more than just a mum. A wine connoisseur, dance floor obliterator and good time gal are a few other hats I wear.

TL: Do you get a lot of DMs from other mums? What do they say?

AG: I get over 4500 messages a week, if you are reading this and I haven’t replied to you, I’m sorry! I want to say that I will eventually get around to it, but I may never get there. I do try but they come in thick and fast and sometimes my inbox gives me anxiety.

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When I do read them, it’s usually like-minded women who are agreeing with me on certain topics, sharing their experiences on marriage/parenthood/sex/friendships etc, having a laugh either with or at me or mainly just saying thank you for normalising topics that are normally taboo.

I get a lot of messages asking for advice as a new mum, those are the ones I try to focus on, not because I think I’m a seasoned pro but because I know how daunting it is being a first-time mum and how important it is having someone to lean on/vent to/come to for advice. I would love to be able to help them all.

TL: Why did you decide to launch a podcast?

AG: I wanted the podcast to be an echo of my Instagram, where I can take the topics that I talk about on the ‘gram but can delve in deeper with them and not be restricted to 2200 characters. It feels more personal to me because it’s like I will be talking to each individual listener. Listeners will get a better insight into what I’m all about, my personality and my sense of humour, which can sometimes be hard to read online.

Amy Gerard Instagram
Instagram @amy.gerard

I’m very sarcastic but always with a warm side and that can get lost sometimes through words. I just think laughter is so important in a world that can be sometimes quite overwhelming and grey. I hope everyone just walks away from having a listen with a smile on their face.

TL: What do you plan to talk about on the podcast?

AG: Anything and everything. I will put it out to my listeners and ask if there is anything they want to hear about, but first and foremost it will be some topics that I think are relevant. Spirited children, what sex looks like after children, parenting struggles, marriage highs and lows, friendships etc.

There will be guests on every second episode, the first one being Big B (my dad!) and then I hope to get on some friends, professionals in their field and others that can add another element into the podcast.

TL: Who do you envisage as the listeners of it?

AG: I think first and foremost, it will be mums but mums of all ages, new mums, young mums, older mums. But then also women who don’t have children. I’m not sure there will be many men that tune in aside from my dad and my brothers (don’t listen to episode three guys). Ultimately, I want it to appeal to all women of all ages.

TL: Where do you see yourself (and your family) in five years?

AG: Hopefully, living in a bigger house, where the boys don’t have to share a room. Closer to the ocean would be ideal as we love the beach and the lifestyle that comes with it. I’d love to be working in radio.

Instagram @amy.gerard

Hopefully, Bobby won’t still be smearing poo ’round the house, Charli will be a professional at tidying her room, Kobe will be sleeping through the night (in his own bed) and Rhian will work less hours. End game though is for everyone to be happy and healthy, and I wouldn’t mind a new car.

The first three episodes of Beyond The Likes is out on Spotify, Apple and Google now. You can read all of Gerard’s columns for The Latch here.

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