All The Best Memes From the Second Season of You

Warning: This post contains spoilers for You season two (duh).

Well, we don’t know about YOU (ha, haha, get it???), but we’ve spent the past few days binge-watching You season two, partially because we found ourselves unable to turn it off, and partially because we wanted to make sure we finished it quickly so that we could start enjoying all the great memes that people have been tweeting, without spoiling the season for ourselves. The struggle is real, right?

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get the cast of S2 to caption S1 memes

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Well pals, if you’ve just finished this season and are ready to indulge in some #content, you’ve come to the right place. You can unmute those hashtags and dive right in, or, you can just keep scrolling and see what you missed while you were trying to avoid spoilers, like, for example, this hidden clue we all missed that was literally right there on the poster:

In fact, some people have been tweeting spoilers completely out of context, which is nice, but personally, we prefer an in-joke that we can opening laugh at.

So, without further ado, here are the best tweets we’ve seen so far…

On Joe finding out that Love is also a killer:

And on Joe’s response to this revelation:

On Love and Forty’s reaction to Candace:

On the child Joe and Love will have together:

And on Joe’s relationship to children in general:

On feeling like a fool during the final three minutes of the season:

On our complicated feelings for Joe:

And our frustration with the ending:

And on Joe’s newfound infatuation with the neighbour:

And the sad realisation that even if a man will kill for you, he STILL might not stay faithful

On the literary references:

And the pop culture references:

On Joe’s questionably low levels of self-awareness:

And on his “invisibility cloak”:

On Will’s new friend:

Basically? Here’s a summary of the season:

And here’s us, waiting for season three: