There’s a Smart Thermomix Dupe in Aldi’s Latest Special Buys


What sounds better to people who struggle to cook at home than an appliance that does everything for you? Well, that technology exists in the form of a Thermomix, only the smart cooking device costs an eye-watering $2,269, and thus can’t exactly be called accessible.

A bootleg version occasionally crops up at budget supermarket Aldi, and on September 9, 2020, the product will be available once more, only this time, it’s more advanced than ever with smart technology features, including a touch screen.

With a price tag of $499, the Aldi device is around 20% of the price of the original appliance it’s designed after, though comes with many of the same capabilities.

The Smart Wi-Fi 3L Thermo Cooker, as it’s officially called, has 14 different cooking functions, and can seamlessly brown, slow cook, steam, blend, weigh, stir, grind, whisk, sous vide, emulsify, simmer, knead, cook and chop ingredients to create entire meals in its stainless steel 3L bowl.

The appliance has built-in wifi connectivity and comes with 100 recipes pre-installed, from soups and sauces to quiche and cakes. All recipes and controls are accessed via the seven-inch touchscreen built into the device, making cooking easier than ever before.

The smart Thermo Cooker also has an integrated scale function and internal heating power, plus adjustable temperature functions from 30°C-120°C. Should you tire of the 100 recipes on the device, you can also download more on the Thermo Cooker app.

The previous and lesser-advanced Thermo Cooker from Aldi was given a 4.4-star rating on ProductReview.com.au, however, with this new appliance launching for the first time in this latest Special Buys drop, there are no reviews currently available online. Aussie shoppers will be some of the first to try the new product.

aldi thermomix

In addition to the time-saving kitchen items, Aldi will also be stocking its shelves with a range of kitchen and cooking technology that includes a 16L Multi-Function Air Fryer for $149, a Pastry Maker for $24.99, and a Compact Food Processor for $59.99.

Head into your local Aldi store on September 9 to nab the appliances in the drop. Unfortunately, due to Victorian restrictions, Aldi has removed these products, including the Thermo Cooker and Airfryer, from all Victorian state stores. Check online before heading in to avoid disappointment.

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