Aldi Is Trialling Online Exclusive Special Buys, So Get Your Keyboard and Mouse Ready

aldi special buys

As much as we adore Aldi’s Special Buys — and you know we really do — we’ve always had one quibble with it. You can’t get it online! You have to get the car (or motorcycle, bike or bus), and head down to your local shop — along with hoards of other customers, we presume — and battle it out, Game of Thrones-style (another presumption).

Well, it seems that Aldi has heard our call (and perhaps seen footage of the aforementioned Game of Thrones battles) and is trialling, for a limited amount of time, online exclusive Special Buys.

The purchases will be available on shop.aldi.com.au, in line with their in-store Special Buys. Just like their Special Buys, they’ll be available for purchase at 8:30am on Wednesdays and Saturdays; however, they’ll only be available in Greater Metro regions of Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria to start with.

The first products up for grabs? A latex mattress in a box ($499) and French door fridge ($879).

And continuing on with the Game of Thrones theme, winter is definitely coming. This is why it’s so great that Aldi has you covered, ready to snuggle up with some hot chocolate. Aldi has promised that it can offer a “totally boutique upgrade” to your bedroom and bathroom for less than $350, so let’s hop right in and see how they do.


Deluxe Quilt

Looking to bring hotel luxury into your bedroom? This deluxe quilt, which boasts a 375 thread count, comes with a *touch* of silk and is available in queen size ($69.99) and king size ($79.99). For the ultimate in warmth and comfort? Pair it with the deluxe pillow($19.99), which — you guessed it — also comes with a touch of silk.

Quilted Coverlet Set

This set is fit for a king or a queen — wait, sorry, they’re the sizes it comes in (both sizes $69.99). Featuring a classic rib design — and coming with two pillowcases — this set is available in four stylish, sophisticated colourways.

Quilt Cover Set

The affordable price points, keep coming. This set is only $59.99, made out of 100% BCI long-staple cotton, and comes with a quilt cover and two pillowcases. Oh, and three colours for you to choose from.

410-thread Count Fitted Sheet Set

You can’t have all that on your bed, without something covering your mattress! Good thing this set offers a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases — in both queen ($59.99) and king ($69.99) size. No matter your taste, you’ll find something to suit you — it’s available in two styles and four assorted colours. Something for everyone.

375-thread Count Deluxe Mattress Topper

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you’re sleeping on a literal cloud, this is the piece for you. This mattress topper is extra comfy and extra luxurious and comes in both queen size ($69.99) and king size ($79.99).


Combed Cotton Towels

Is there anything better than a hot shower on a cold day? What about a hot shower that ends with you stepping into soft, warm towels. Aldi has you covered with the hand towel ($4.99), bath towel ($9.99) and bath mat ($9.99), and are available in four beautiful, neutral tones — yes, they’ll match your bedroom.

Luxury Microfibre Bath Rug

The stepping out of the shower we just mentioned? Don’t let a shock of cold get your feet with this bath rug, which’s only $19.99 — and provides maximum absorbency and softness underfoot.

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