ALDI Scores a Robot Vacuum Cleaner In Its Latest Special Buys Drop


ALDI’s latest Special Buys drop is here to revolutionise your Sunday and free you from the grips of the weekly vacuum session and mopping session.

On Wednesday, March 10, you’ll be able to pick up the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920 — it’s a cute-as-a-button robot vacuum cleaner with floor mopping capabilities, that works its magic independently, meaning you never, ever have to spend time vacuuming up crumbs and dust again.

The appliance typically retails in stores for $899, but ALDI will be selling the product for less than half the price, at $399. That’s a whole $500 off, which is wild.

Ecovacs vacuums have made it into the Special Buys line-up on previous occasions and have always sold out in record time. So, now comes your opportunity to nab one for yourself.

deebot vacuum
The vacuum mops simultaneously.

The Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920 uses new technology to map and navigate your home without ever bumping into walls and scuffing skirting boards.

It creates a visual map of your place and can use this smart technology to prioritise cleaning messier rooms, like the kitchen or dining room, or conversely, you can program the device to avoid certain rooms with lots of kids toys or cables.

While it works, the vacuum uses anti-collision sensors to avoid banging into furniture and neglected items left on the floor.

Following a round of vacuuming, the device will also mop your hardwood floors or tiles to rid sticky spots and marks, leaving behind beautiful, clean floors (removing over 99% of bacteria).

In case you were wondering, the sensors can recognise carpet and hard floors, and will not apply the mop function to rugs and soft floors.

aldi robot vacuum
The Deebot senses when it’s on carpet and increases suction power for a deeper clean.

The robot vacuum can even be synced to your Google Home or Amazon Alexa, and is controllable via voice command. When it’s low on battery, the robot will return to its wall charger to power up for the next session.

Head into your local ALDI store on March 10 to pick up your new cleaning companion. Be quick though, because this deal will not last long.

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