There’s a $10 Fiddle Leaf Fig In ALDI’s Latest Special Buys Drop


ALDI has brought us many goodies in its famed Special Buys collections, from robot vacuums and an anti-snoring pillow to hot cross bun-flavoured gin. But the latest to come from the budget supermarket might just be ALDI’s best yet, with the news a Special Buys range dedicated to gardening is coming on Wednesday, March 17.

The Gardening Special Buys range contains everything a homemaker needs to set up a fully functioning indoor or outdoor garden at home, starting from just $1.29. There are packet seeds to grow your own produce and flower gardens, fruit trees to plant outside, and real-life indoor plants to makeover your interior space.

And they’re good plants too. On March 17, ALDI shelves will be lined with on-trend plants including Instagram’s favoured fiddle leaf fig, the ever-trending devil’s ivy, explosive spider plant, super cool string of pearls; even the fickle yet rewarding (if you manage to keep it alive) maidenhair fern.

There’s even a Grow Table ($89.99) with natural timber legs, which is perfect for more experienced or passionate horticulturists looking to grow a mini produce garden in a compact outdoor area.

Fiddle leaf fig, $9.99

For those with a little more space, the two-metre-high greenhouse ($49.99) will be a sure favourite. Home gardeners can grow fruitful trees, including limes, oranges, mandarins, lemons and grapefruits, with each tree costing only $19.99.

You can also score a passionfruit vine ($6.99), button mushroom growing kit ($16.99), and a bunch of succulents perfect for your WFH desk, at just $4.99 each.

ALDI is even bringing a vast selection of plant care accessories, to help you keep your new friends happy and healthy — from gardening gloves ($7.99) and pruning shears ($4.99) to sugar cane mulch ($11.99) and citrus spray ($5.99).

You can also grab soil, fertiliser, and plant food.

Citrus tree, $19.99

The ALDI gardening special lands in stores on Wednesday, March 17. Stock varies from store-to-store, so check the Special Buys page for updates and news.

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