ALDI’s $20 Hot Cross Bun-Flavoured Gin Is Even More Elusive Than the Easter Bunny


While most of us celebrate Easter with chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, ALDI celebrates with booze of the best kind.

The budget supermarket recently announced it’ll be bringing a hot cross bun-flavoured gin as part of its Easter Special Buys Liquor drop, and naturally, shoppers everywhere went wild for it. Only, now it’s time to actually buy one, it would seem shoppers are struggling to actually spot the bottles in stores.

“I’ve been looking but haven’t got my hands on one yet,” one Facebook user wrote in a gin appreciation group with another adding: “This is so unfair, I’ve looked everywhere.”

Those who have managed to score a bottle have been vocal about it, taking to social media to share their success and brag about managing to to get their hands on one (or more).

“Yes got one! Engadine, NSW,” wrote one user in the Aldi Mums Australia Facebook page.

A tipple from Manchester Drinks Co, the flavoured, traditionally distilled gin is described as “small batch” with spring mountain water and infused with hallmark spices usually found in everyone’s favourite baked treats.

“This Hot Cross Bun Flavoured Gin Liqueur is a sensational spicy gin, infused with nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and gingers flavours blended together for a rich fruity taste of hot cross buns in a glass,” says ALDI Australia shopping expert Nicole Higgins.

“We are proud of the quality and affordable products we bring customers, but also the innovative and unique range we can offer Australians – and the Hot Cross Bun Gin Liqueur is no exception.”

ALDI recommends serving the novelty gin on the rocks, with ice or with a dash of soda. We might even suggest adding it to a mulled wine for a warming nightcap.

If it wasn’t already a sure sell-out, the limited-edition gin is only $19.99 for a 500ml bottle. We’ll drink to that.

ALDI’s Hot Cross Bun Flavoured Gin Liqueur became available in stores on Wednesday, February 24. Get in quick to avoid a disappointing last call.

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