ALDI Is Selling an Anti-Snore Pillow So You Can Finally Get Some Sleep


Lord knows you need a good night’s sleep. No doubt the events of 2020 took their toll on your sleeping patterns — in fact, 20% of Australians are getting less sleep since the pandemic started — so while we’d 100% recommend you try a sleep cleanse and maybe even some of these sleep-inducing foods, we also know that sometimes, it’s not your fault.

If you’re sleeping beside a snoring partner, there’s little you can do to shut out the noise without looking into nasal devices or a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Machine (CPAP). Fine if the noise doesn’t bother you, but if it does… well, then you could be losing hours of shut-eye every night.

On a mission to help those of us out there who may be dealing with snoring sleepers, Aldi is releasing an anti-snore pillow as part of its latest Special Buys drop.

Just $19.99, Aldi says its anti-snore pillow encourages a different way of sleeping, which may help to combat snoring.

“This ergonomic pillow encourages side sleep, correct head and neck positioning and opening of airways to help minimise sleep position-related snoring.

“Constructed with a unique ‘S’ shaped foam insert with soft, antibacterial-treated polyester fibre surrounded by a breathable cotton cover.”

While it’s not a foolproof means of ensuring a snore-free night, it’s certainly worth a shot. Reviews are somewhat mixed — some say the pillow helps with the snoring and reduces the severity of the noise, while others say it does nothing to help, however, the general consensus is the pillow is comfortable anyway, so even if it doesn’t work to stop snoring, you’ll at least get a new pillow.

The Special Buys drop also includes a number of other bedding pieces, including a gel-infused Talalay latex pillow, a 3D Airflow pillow, and a V-shaped memory foam pillow in four different colours.

There’s also a weighted blanket with cooling cover, with options at 6.8kg or 9kg.

To score your new sleep accessories, hit up your local Aldi store on Wednesday, January 27.

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