Airlines Are Banning Booze On Flights — Another Tragic Side Effect of COVID-19


As lockdown restrictions ease, so too do the strict travel bans around domestic and international pathways. The travel industry isn’t “back to normal” yet, but airlines may never operate in the same ways they did previously.

Increased hygiene measures, changes to seating layout and temperature checks prior to boarding are some new protocols airlines are putting in place, as is the ban of alcohol service, much to the dismay of those who love a stiff drink in the sky.

Airlines including Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and Virgin Australia are suspending all or part of their alcoholic beverage service in the wake of COVID-19, CNN Travel reports.

Qantas has also stopped serving meals on domestic or regional flights and will be providing each passenger with one water bottle only, though the airline invites people who wish to eat and drink non-alcoholic beverages to bring their own.

Some airlines like Scoot will no longer sell in-flight food and beverages, but will place refreshments on passengers’ seats prior to their boarding.

It’s all part of an effort to reduce the spread of germs associated with physical interaction by cabin crew and passengers.

Each airline’s rules appear to differ slightly, so if you have a flight planned, it’s perhaps best you check the airline rules outlined online prior to travel arrangements to avoid disappointment.

Booze and food service aren’t the only changes one can expect onboard an aircraft.

Mandatory mask-wearing, the removal of in-flight magazines, seat assignment for contract tracing and health declaration forms are just some additional rules you may see come into effect on your next trip.

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