You Can Now Rent the Actual Villa from ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’

Every now and again, we all wish we could escape our realities and dive into a fictional world where worries belong only to the characters we’re following.

Most of us do this by watching TV shows and movies, but there are some who’d prefer to take things a step further and spend a night or two in their favourite hero or heroine’s shoes — or rather, homes.

Lucky for those fanatics, Airbnb has a bunch of listings that have featured in some of the world’s most loved TV shows and films scattered throughout the booking platform.

Let’s take a look at just some of them.

Under the Tuscan Sun

We’d surely love nothing more than to escape the inevitable Australian winter and head on over to Italy, to live out our Under the Tuscan Sun-style fantasies. Now, the opportunity to do just that is closer than ever, with the news the actual villa from the wanderlust-inspiring film is available to rent on Airbnb’s luxury arm.

Villa Laura is a 10-bedroom 17th-centrury property in the Tuscan countryside near the town of Cortona. The dwelling itself was recently renovated to traditional luxury, while the grounds provide plenty to see and do. There’s a nearby lake, on-site pool, jetted hot tub, bocce and a pool table, a wine cellar, home theatre, veggie garden and outdoor pizza oven.

A stay here does not come cheap at $5,282.45 a night, which split between 16 guests, is around $330. You can view the whole property here on Airbnb.


The Undoing

Fans of HBO’s The Undoing will surely jump at the chance to spend a weekend in the lofty beach house that features in the gripping show. Around two hours’ drive from NYC, in East Marion, New York, the dwelling is available to rent on Airbnb for around $1,470.50 a night.

In real life, the home is massive, accommodating 13 guests with six bedrooms and four bathrooms. While it served as the fictional getaway abode of Nicole Kidman’s character in the hit series, the house has also featured in Girls.


Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The LA mansion from the iconic ’90s show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, has been listed on Airbnb by none other than the Fresh Prince himself. Actor Will Smith has added Airbnb host to his resume, just in time to host a number of guests in “Will’s Wing” — an area of the mansion that has been decked out to appear just as it did in the show, with graffiti walls, posh interiors and family portraits.

Guests who stay at the Bel-Air mansion will get to live out their dreams by hanging by the pool, lacing up a pair of Air Jordans to play basketball in the bedroom, and raiding Will’s TV show closet.

Right now, only LA residents are able to book the pad for five nights in September (at only US $30 a night!), however, we’re hoping Will decides to extend his role as an Airbnb host for good. See the full listing here.

fresh-prince of bel-air house

Harry Potter

Not to be confused with 4 Privet Drive, where Harry grew up with The Dursleys. De Vere House was the filming location of Harry’s childhood home. The medieval abode in the quaint village of Lavenham is where Harry spent his earliest days alongside his parents when they were alive.

The village boasts over 300 protected heritage properties and appears as Godric’s Hollow in the Harry Potter films, which makes the location a desirable stop off for any Potterhead’s tour of England.

Since Voldemort’s visit, the home has been restored as a quaint bed and breakfast. The listing is able to be booked for around $280 per night, though it’s currently booked out until June.


Killing Eve

Villanelle doesn’t only have a killer taste in fashion; her homes throughout the series have been grand, effortlessly stylish and as chic as she is.

The third season of Killing Eve takes Villanelle to Barcelona, where she resides in a palatial flat overlooking lush gardens. The apartment, built in 1906, is actually a residence in Barcelona’s Gràcia district, Plaza Lesseps.

It sleeps four guests and is available to book on Airbnb at around $421.50 a night.


The Castle

Look, it’s not exactly the most glamourous place you’ll ever stay, but how often does one get to experience a piece of treasured Australian cinematic history?

Next time you’re looking for a little getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, head over to the Kerrigans holiday house in Bonnie Doon from the 1997 movie The Castle. 

Like the Kerrigans, you’ll enjoy a cuppa with a view overlooking Lake Eildon, scoop some ice cream out of the punnet, and have a BBQ out the front. How’s the serenity?

bonnie doon


Nina Proudman’s chic Fitzroy pad is listed on Airbnb for around $595 per night. Though the obstetrician lived in her home with partner Patrick (still too soon) and their child, the actual 1900s Victorian-style warehouse home has three bedrooms and accommodates up to six.

The warehouse conversion is styled impeccably with a neutral colour palette of beige, brown and warm woods, and is comfortably furnished with plush soft furnishings and a myriad of indoor plants. Stunning, but not nearly enough Boho decor for Nina.



Our favourite thing about this home — the filming location for the Swan family home in the Twilight movies — is not the gorgeous retro decor or the lush green surrounds, but rather the life-size cut-outs of every main character in the bedrooms. Nothing gets you awake faster than a menacing-looking vampire staring at you from the corner of the room!

The hosts of this Saint Helens home, just a short drive from Portland, went all out with the Twilight paraphernalia and we love them for it. Dotted throughout the house you’ll find pictures from Bella’s wedding to Edward, themed bedding, and the dining table actually used in the films.


The Crown

Keen to find out how the other half live? Spend a night inside the King’s Suite at the Belvoir Castle, a real-life filming location for the Netflix series, The Crown.

The suite was historically occupied by visiting members of the Royal Family, most notably Queen Victoria and George IV, but for three nights in December, the suite was opened up to Airbnb guests. No word yet on when the castle will be available to book once more, but we’ll be keeping a close eye out for the next availability.

the crown

Normal People

For around €47 (AU $80), you can spend a night in the two-bedroom stone villa that features in the eighth episode of Normal People, when Marianne and her boyfriend Jamie, plus Connell and a group of their friends take a trip to Trieste to stay in the holiday home belonging to Marianne’s family.

The on-screen villa is actually a little ways away from Trieste, in Sant’Oreste in Lazio, which about a one-hour drive from Rome. Called Il Casale on Tenuta Verzano, the property is described as an “old country house with untouched charm”. It’s been within the same family for some 150 years and has enough room to accommodate six guests with two spacious bedrooms, a dining room, living room, kitchenette and modern bathroom.

There’s even a bright blue pool out front with views of the rolling valley below.


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