The Headlines: Why Australia’s New ADHD Guidelines Are a Game Changer

The sun is shining, the magpies are swooping, and the never-ending cycle of news and content continues. But hey, at least that means that we’re not all dead. Here are today’s biggest headlines:

Australia Has New ADHD Guidelines 

After two years of research, Australia’s clinical guidelines to identify, diagnose, and treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are here. According to the ABC, this guide was dropped by the Australian ADHD Professionals Association and could improve the lives of over a million Aussies.

This is a huge deal because these guidelines will offer uniform support and treatments to folks that have or get diagnosed with ADHD. Because up until this point, Australia hasn’t had a standard resource that all clinicians could use. This meant that people were falling through the cracks. 

Professor Mark Bellgrove, President of the Australian ADHD Professionals Association, is very pleased with how these guidelines shaped out. As he explained, “For a family who has concerns over one of their family members, it really provides them with an authoritative, best-practice document, so they can be confident with the treatments offered.”

Bellgrove also commented, “It will equip them to ask the right questions of the clinicians and others involved in the care of their family members.”

If you want to go through these guidelines yourself, then here’s a handy-dandy link

The Queen Victoria Market Is Banning Fake First Nations Products

Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market is making a huge move. In July 2023, traders at this venue will be discouraged from selling inauthentic Indigenous products. As per The Age, this will eventually lead to all such merchandise being banned.

The Queen Victoria Market’s CEO, Stan Liacos, has stood behind this decision. “We know that we’ll lose a little bit of customers as a result of this,” he stated. “We think that is a small price to pay for the bigger question about doing the right thing.”

Additionally, the Indigenous grassroots organisation, Sovereign Union, has both welcomed this decision and stated that more work needs to be done. “Great to see,” they wrote on Facebook. “But no call for changing the name of the market stalls that sit on top of the graves of the Aboriginal warriors Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner, who were subject to the first official hangings in Victoria.”

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Sneako Has Been Banned From YouTube

In some news that is good for the whole of humanity, the content creator Sneako has been banned from YouTube. 

“We have reviewed your content and found severe or repeated violations of our Community Guidelines,” YouTube wrote to Sneako. “Because of this, we have removed your channel from YouTube.”

If you’ve never heard of Sneako up until this point, then you have dodged a bullet. In 2022, he published videos called Why Ugly Girls Think They’re Beautiful, How Women Manipulate Men, and a lot of other cringey garbage. Suffice it to say, he was trying incredibly hard to be the next Andrew Tate.

Now, heaps of folks, including myself, have been wanting Sneako to leave YouTube for ages. He was a trash content creator that encouraged his young audience to treat women like objects. Ergo, while it’s great that YouTube finally did something about this dude, they should have acted sooner.

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