Dolly Parton Is the Voice of Modern Feminism in Netflix Series, Heartstrings

There’s not much to dislike about Dolly Parton. From her famous music to her flashy style, Parton is undeniably an icon both in and outside of the country music scene. While Paton’s music — and blingy fashion sense — might not be for everyone, the way that she is constantly unabashedly herself is something that everyone can strive to emulate. Perhaps showcasing this best, her new Netflix series, Heartstrings, highlights issues close to Parton’s heart, making her a voice of reason on current issues. 

The series, which is comprised of a number of different vignettes all presented by Parton, works to break down stereotypes and real-life problems that people are encountering in this day and age. “I think we all should be able to express ourselves,” Parton told Knox News. Heartstrings accomplishes this effortlessly, giving a platform for typically unspoken narratives to be told and normalised. 

Though each episode features a different setting, characters and plotline, the show works hard to make each story as valuable as the last. In portraying multiple perspectives, and sympathising with sometimes not-so-sympathetic characters, the series successfully shows that each person has a story that deserves to be told. “I just love everybody. I just try to find the God-light in people and play to that,” Parton shares. “I try not to be judgmental. I just think we should love each other …and accept everyone as they are.”

No matter which episode you choose to watch, you can expect a healthy dose of tears and a new perspective. Though Parton makes appearances here and there, the series is far from being a vanity project, instead working to create dialogue about bigger issues with the star as a vehicle through which to discuss difficult topics.