3 Designers Curated Sydney’s Coolest Boutique Stay — and You Can Experience It Yourself

McMullin & co

3 Rooms Sydney is a collection of three apartments in Potts Point, each curated by a different Australian designer and, if you like what you see during your stay, entirely shoppable. Currently, the designers featured are McMullin & co, MCM House and Sarah Ellison.

The apartments were inspired by fashion designer Azzedine Alaia’s iconic 3 Rooms Paris hotel and The Apartment by the Line in New York and Los Angeles. The concept here in Australia is the brainchild of Tony Benjamin and Chrissi James.

James says she’s long had a love for design, travel and Potts Point. She says the guest she had in mind to book a stay is a travel design seeker who’s after local connection to a neighbourhood and its immediate community, but still enjoys the creature comforts of a styled, considered space.

McMullin & co apartment 3 Rooms Sydney
Image: McMullin & co, 3 Rooms Sydney

“When selecting furniture partners for 3 Rooms Sydney, it was important to work with local businesses and surrounds, and to offer a maturity to accommodation not available in Sydney at the time,” James says.

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“Having shopped many of the designers decorating home spaces, watching their growth within the Australian design industry, the decision to work with Sarah Ellison Studio, MCM House and McMullin & co was simple. They were designers I enjoy personally, and are admired within the landscape.”

James says that while each of the designers presents a calm, neutral and warm palette, they hold their own identity. Each one shines independently within the heritage building and location, delivering an entirely different feel and experience.

Image: Sarah Ellison, 3 Rooms Sydney

“Within the Sarah Ellison Apartment, guests can expect golden hues, plush curves, ivory ceramics and stunning art and lighting features,” she says. “It’s a stunning example of comfortable minimalism.”

Meanwhile, McMullin & co.’s three-bedroom apartment curation is an effortless luxury. It’s chic and modern, but also traditional and worldly. Think classic urns, rattans, timbers and black wrought iron, which bring depth to the apartment’s design. The apartment also boasts a European-inspired sunroom and terrace balcony, which can serve as nooks to read a book or soak up some sun.

Finally, the apartment decorated by Sydney design icon MCM House has what James describes as a sense of attitude: rustic linens, heavy, raw timbers and floor coverings that seamlessly integrate with coastal weaves.

MCM House 3 Rooms Sydney apartment
Image: MCM House, 3 Rooms Sydney

“It’s a lost city apartment you always wanted,” says James. “The living room is deep in texture, high in comfort. The couches are plush and generous with an entirely open-plan living and dining that’s connected to the kitchen.”

A highlight of the apartments’ building is a turret topped with a heritage spire, as well as the large, circular windows in the Sarah Ellison and McMullin & co apartments. They surround stunning dining tables, overlooking a stunning canopy of London Plane trees lining Macleay St, as well as the magnolias on Challis Avenue and a glimpse of the cityscape.

James says she wants guests to walk away from a stay at any of the apartments having really felt at home and with an appreciation of a creative concept that provides a light-filled, comfortable space in the middle of an urban setting.

MCM House 3 Rooms Sydney apartment
Image: MCM House, 3 Rooms Sydney

“Often, many of our guests have chosen III Rooms Sydney for a special content capture or occasion, or an extended stay in the city,” says James. “With each of these, we hope all guests leave with a charmed memory of the neighbourhood, the apartment and their time.”

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