Would You Pay $7 Billion to Host the Commonwealth Games? Because Victoria Won’t

It’s official: The 2026 Commonwealth Games has been cancelled. This multi-day sporting event, which was meant to take place in regional Victoria, is no longer going ahead.

As per the Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, cancelling the Games wasn’t a pleasant decision. However, he had to pull the plug, as its budget smashed through the roof.

“Last year, when the Commonwealth Games Authority approached us, needing someone to step in and host the 2026 Commonwealth Games, as a state, we were happy to help,” said Andrews in a presser.

“But, of course, not at any price. And only if there was a lasting benefit for the Victorian communities.”

According to Andrews, the agreed-upon budget was $2.6 billion. However, new estimates show that these Games could now cost between $6 billion and $7 billion.

Andrews believes that this is too much money to spend on a 12-day sporting event. He has refused to take money from Victoria’s schools and hospitals to make the Games take place.

So, what will happen to the $2.6 billion that was allocated for the 2026 Commonwealth Games? Well, most of this money will be used to help regional Victoria grow. 

First off, the regional sporting facilities that were to be built for the Games are still going to be made. Secondly, some money will be used to promote them and the surrounding areas.

What’s more, the Victorian Government now has a billion dollars to build 1300 regional homes. These homes will be social and affordable housing projects.

Andrews believes that creating more social housing projects is this package’s “biggest and best lasting legacy.”

“These projects will create around 3,000 jobs right around the state and deliver what our regional communities have asked for,” said Andrews on Twitter. “It’s the right thing to do.”

As it stands, no other Australian state has volunteered to host the now-cancelled 2026 Commonwealth Games. This event will most likely stay dead.

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