Score a $200 Luxury Travel Voucher When You Get the COVID-19 Vaccine


Luxury Escapes has unveiled Australia’s biggest vaccine incentive in a $200 million voucher scheme that it hopes will speed up Australia’s lagging vaccine response and ultimately get everyone travelling the world again.

A recent survey from the luxury travel platform shows that for 80% of Australians, ‘travel’ is the number one reason to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Once vaccinated 87% of Australians said they would like to travel overseas, and 83% of respondents said vaccinations were important in order for this to happen.

And when that time comes, Australians will be most excited to visit the UK, following by Bali and then Singapore (perhaps the proposed Singapore travel bubble has something to do with this).

Recognising this hunger to explore the world once more, Luxury Escapes has devised a plan to incentivise those eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine to go ahead and get the jab.

They’re giving away $200 Luxury Escapes vouchers to go towards international travel for the first one million Australians who have commenced their vaccination program prior to September 30.

“Australians are among the keenest travellers in the world, exploring the globe is in our DNA. The fact that our customers have been unable to get out there and do what they do best, is something many of us are really missing in our lives,” said Adam Schwab, co-founder and CEO at Luxury Escapes, in a release.

“At Luxury Escapes, we recognise the crucial role the vaccines will play in ensuring borders open so Aussies can travel again. We hope that giving away $200 million in incentives to Australians who are getting vaccinated will give our vaccine roll-out a massive boost and inspire other businesses to follow suit.”

Luxury Escapes

Already, Luxury Escapes is running a number of international travel deals in anticipation for international borders to open. There are deals on lavish private island stays in the Maldives, river cruises throughout Europe, ski lodges in Japan, and tours of South Africa.

Quite frankly, the prospect of heard immunity and the opening of borders was enough to encourage us to get vaccinated, but savings on luxury international travel is merely the icing on the cake.

Those who have already commenced vaccination programs can already claim their $200 travel vouchers. You’ll just need to log in to Luxury Escapes and enter your proof of vaccination. That’s it!

Happy and safe travels, Australia.

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