Lauren Ambrose Joins ‘Yellowjackets’, Confirming That Van’s Not Six Feet Under

lauren ambrose adult van yellowjackets season 2

It’s an exciting news day for fans of Yellowjackets, as Lauren Ambrose has been confirmed to be joining the Emmy-nominated drama for its second season.

Ambrose, who is best known for her work as Claire Fisher on HBO’s Six Feet Under, will be playing the adult version of fan-favourite character Van.

Showtime has also announced that Liv Hewson, who plays teenage Van, has been promoted to being a series regular for the second season, so viewers can expect to see more of her character across both Yellowjackets timelines.

The announcement, of course, confirms that Van’s character survived the 19 months in the woods and made it home alive, which was a point of much speculation during the show’s first season.

After the revelation that Lottie was still alive in the Season 1 finale, Van is the second confirmed character to have made it home from the wilderness but not yet be featured in the 2021 timeline. The casting of Adult Lottie has yet to be revealed, but there may just be more adult Yellowjacket reveals to come.

In June, Yellowjackets showrunner Jonathan Lisco told Variety that he thinks “it’s safe to say that we have not met all the survivors”.

Since premiering in late 2021, the first season of Yellowjackets has become a hit with critics and viewers alike. It’s currently nominated for seven Emmy nominations, including Best Drama Series, along with nods for writing, directing and casting, as well as acting nominations for Melanie Lynskey and Christina Ricci.

As for Season 2, there’s no official release date set just yet, but Yellowjackets co-creators and showrunners Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson recently told The Wrap that they were aiming for an early 2023 release.

“We’re looking into the first quarter of 2023,” Lyle said. “We are on a very similar production track in terms of time as we were last season, although, of course, we have to shoot an additional episode because we had already shot the pilot the last time. I believe we are going to finish shooting in about February and we’ll be airing sometime shortly after that.”

The first season of Yellowjackets is streaming now on Paramount+.

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