Big Brother Australia’s Hannah Campbell Is Cutthroat and Super Competitive

Big Brother

26-year-old Hannah Campbell is confident, cutthroat and super competitive.

The AFL player grew up in a footy family and plays at the same club as her two brothers — and won’t let them win at anything.

Earning the nickname “Bulldozer” — Campbell will let nothing stand in the way of getting what she wants, including in the Big Brother house.

While she may ruffle some feathers (watch out Queen Bee Talia Rycroft), the communications specialist has a soft side, especially when it comes to her relationship with her Nonna and her passion for aged care.

Currently single, Campbell lives in Perth, WA with three other AFL players from her footy club and if they were to describe her, she thinks they’d say that she’s funny and caring.

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Upon entering the house, she expects to stand out for her positive mindset, resilience and cooking skills.

Her pet peeves include people who are selfish and says that lying men and “bitchy” girls will push her over the edge.

Is she were to win the $250k prize money, Campbell would like to take her Nonna on a cruise and put a deposit on a house.

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