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The Traitors Australia is back for Season 2, and the 2023 cast is already delivering drama and laughs. Back to host the treacherous games is Rodger Corser, who told us last year that the “theatrical element” of the reality competition was one of the main things that drew him to the series. Of course, the glamour of the series would be hard to sell if not for The Traitors‘ luxurious filming location. But where is The Traitors filmed? Well, we’ve got all the details you need.

The Traitors Australia sees 20 players reside in an old hotel together, where they take part in challenges in the hopes of winning silver bars. Those silver bars go into a prize pool that totals up to $250,000. Of course, they’ll have to make it to the end first, and it’s a task easier said than done. After all, this is a game that boots two players every episode!

Where Is The Traitors Australia 2023 Filmed?

The Traitors Australia is filmed at The Robertson Hotel, which is located in New South Wales’ Southern Highlands. It’s a high end, luxurious location, and helped host Rodger Corser really lean into his hosting role.

“That’s why we sort of ended up writing the hosting role as kind of a character, almost,” Corser said. “We kind of imply that it’s his hotel, which — that’s not my story, I don’t own that hotel!”

Corser laughed. “My family don’t come from great wealth, we’re very middle-class suburban people. So it was great to have kind of an English aristocracy edge to it, old Australian money, sort of.”

The History of The Robertson Hotel

The Robertson Hotel was built in 1924, and according to its website, was named the “Most Luxurious Hotel in the Commonwealth” the very next year, in 1925.

It’s remained its luxurious feel in the decades since then, but now comes with years of fond memories and local history, as well. In fact, Sir Donald Bradman was close friends with Alf Stephens, the man who built the hotel.

“It was Stephens who originally cut down a bat to suit Bradman’s shorter stature, which then propelled the batsman to the legendary status he enjoyed throughout his career, and to this day and beyond,” reports The Robertson Hotel’s website.

These days, the hotel offers all the modern conveniences we’ve come to expect from a luxe hotel, but maintains its old school elegance.

“From the red carpet, to the ornate timber frames, oversized wood fireplaces, higher-than-high ceilings and a jaw-droppingly ornate chandelier, you will pinch yourself at the building’s beauty, history and intricate details,” they write.

The Robertson Hotel features rooms ranging from King Deluxe to Bridal Suites, and prides itself on being family friendly, as well. They’re also very accustomed to hosting special events, from weddings to corporate events, or Christmas in July.

When it comes to on-site dining, The Robertson features a number of options. They have a bar, a café and a restaurant, and also host high tea and Devonshire teas, so whatever mood you’re in, there’s sure to be something that suits.

For more details, check out their website for yourself.

The Traitors Australia airs at 7.30pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand.

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