We-Vibe Is Bringing Couples Separated By COVID Back Together for $30,000 Worth Of Lovin’

couples separated covid

Our hats go off to the couples that have maintained long-distance relationships throughout 2020. Here’s to you guys! You made it. 

Last year threw so many curveballs our way, a major one being that we weren’t able to reach our loved ones, with people stuck on the wrong side of borders and everything shutting down so quickly.

Being in lockdown with housemates, friends and family has had its isolating moments, but doing it without your partner is something else entirely. 

Often, it’s not until we’re alone that we start to see what we need, if we truly are the kind of person that thrives on other people’s energies or if we love our own space more than we realised. 

Being away from your lover hopefully made you want to be with them even more and now We-Vibe is here to help bring y’all back together and smooching in no time!

We-Vibe, specialists in innovative couples sex-tech, will roll out a $30,000 AUDReunite Stimulus Package’ to support couples who have been doing it tough due to COVID-19.

Connecting couples since 2013, We-Vibe experienced record online sales in 2020 and now the team want to give back and support Australian couples that didn’t get to touch each other much last year. 

How to know if you’re eligible

If you’re a couple who were, or still are, unable to see each other due to strict border closures and isolation measures, then you’re eligible.

What do you win?

There will be ten winning couples, who receive a share of $30,000 for flights, accommodation and other arrangements that will make for a memorable reunion. It’s called the We-Vibe Reunite Stimulus Package. 

Where do you enter?

Apply here. Applications are open now until Valentine’s Day. It’s worth a shot! And if you don’t win, we’d seriously recommend getting creative with your boo.

“Our technology allows couples to be intimate and remain connected sexually even if they, for any reason, aren’t able to physically see one-and-other”, Johanna Rief, We-Vibe Head of Sexual Empowerment said.

 “We-Connect allows our users to play and share control over the toy from anywhere in the world and we are proud to bring couples together when distance provides a barrier.”

If you haven’t already entered the wonderful world of sex toys, now’s the time. And bring bae too.

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