Here’s Everything We Know about Marvel’s WandaVision Coming to Disney+


At last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) were told of a very exciting new offering coming to Disney+, featuring the backstory of two beloved Avengers characters.

WandaVision, a series based on superheroes and romantic partners Scarlet Witch — whose real name is Wanda Maximoff — and Vision (hence WandaVision), stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany reprising their roles from The Avengers franchise.

So, before the “mega-event series” hits the streaming service, here’s everything we already know.

The Plot

“It’s gonna get weird,” Olsen told the audience at Comic-Con.

“We’re gonna go deep, we’re gonna have lots of surprises, and we’re gonna finally understand Wanda Maximoff as the Scarlet Witch.”

WandaVision is set in the MCU with the events taking place post-Avengers: Endgame — and if the teasers are anything to go by, it will be set through the years.

It follows the story of the superheroes, Scarlet Witch — who is a powerful sorceress, and Vision, who is an android and their relationship — with the show then leading directly into Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness (May 2021).

But, before you scream that Vision was a casualty of Thanos’ Infinity War, there are a few ways for Wanda to bring him back — time-travelling and dimension-hopping.

A theory, by Yahoo! Entertainment, even hinted that Wanda could have been so devastated by losing her loved one that she created her own world based on old sitcoms and her love of classic-American TV.

And what about their babies, Wiccan, and Speed which are introduced in the comics?

Well, an eagle eye fan spotted an official casting-call under the working title “Big Red”, looking for “caucasian baby boys or girls (single, twin, triplets or combos) 6 months and under” — but the call could easily be for a flashback.

When Will it be Released?

There is no set release date yet, however, on January 1, 2020, a teaser from Disney+ revealed that the series would be coming out this year and not in 2021 as it had previously been announced.

Shooting began in September 2019.

How Long Will It Go For?

In an interview with Variety, Olsen said that the series would run for a total of six hours and that “Paul [Bettany] and I are really excited.”

“They have a great group of writers,” she added.


The key ensemble cast supporting Olsen and Bettany are Teyonah Parris (Dear White People) as Monica Rambeau, Kat Dennings (Dollface) as Darcy Lewis, Randall Park (Fresh off the Boat) as Jimmy Woo and Kathryn Hahn (Mrs Fletcher) as a “nosy neighbour”.

What Type of Series Will it Be?

WandaVision will be Marvel’s very first sitcom (without a laughing track).

During an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Olsen revealed: “We can confidently say it is [a sitcom].” with Bettany adding: “That’s how it begins and it moves into more familiar epic territory later. But it’s absolutely a mash-up of sitcoms.”

The Official Artwork

Artist Andy Park took to his official Twitter in August last year, unveiling a painting during the “early concept phase of pre-production”.

The poster, which was created for D23 (The Official Disney Fan Club expo) featured Bettany and Olsen sitting on a couch, dressed in 1950s costumes, with their superhero alter-ego’s shadowed behind them.

In the same Variety interview, Olsen said: “There’s quite a few other comic books that we’re pulling from and it’s going to be Wanda and the Vision, and I think at the Disney+ launch chat, they showed a photo of us in the ’50s.”