Vision Australia Needs Help Looking After Guide Dog Puppies and We’ve Found Our Calling


Back in 2020, and at the height of the pandemic, The Latch spoke to the RSPCA, who put a call-out for self-isolating Australians to foster a dog for company, pats and cuddles. Naturally, dog lovers everywhere were happy to oblige, and before they knew it, the RSPCA had enough foster dog parents to see the shelters through lockdown.

With so many of us spending more time at home, especially with a large number of workplaces now opting for more flexible WFH arrangements, adopting or fostering a dog has become competitive, which means you may need to exercise patience when it comes to finding your new family member.

Now, a rare opportunity has arrived with Vision Australia. The group is looking for carers to love and care for their guide dog puppies for a year. Spots are available for those in Queensland and Victoria right now, and applying for the positions is really easy.

You’ll fill in a questionnaire, checking boxes relating to questions like “Are you able to provide lots of loving care and socialisation to a puppy?” and “Do you agree you will not leave the pup alone, or with someone else, for more than 3.5 hours?” before you can move onto the application.

Vision Australia will then require details about your home, including your rental or ownership status, style of home (house or apartment), whether you have other pets, and working arrangements.

During the year, you will also have to bring your puppy to meet with Puppy Development Training staff for regular two-hour visits, so this must suit your schedule too.

Once you’re approved, you’ll attend a two-hour group induction when you pick up your puppy and receive a starter kit with a collar, lead, and food. From there, it’s all puppy love until you send your grown-up hero off into the world to help the blind and vision-impaired.

You can find out more about the application process, and submit yours, here.

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