There’s Now a 2022 Tissue Shortage and It Might Be Time to Bring Back the Handkerchief

It might be the time for you to start using handkerchiefs like you’re some sort of Charles Dickens’ cosplayer, cause there’s currently a tissue shortage.

There’s currently too much demand for these paper nose blankets and not enough supply, as per Seven News. This has led to many supermarket shelves being empty of such products and some of their shoppers being rather irked by the situation.

What’s Causing the Tissue Shortage?

According Woolworths, it’s primarily because of the current flu season. A spokesperson for this company emailed The Latch, “Given the recent cold snap and early start to the flu season, there’s quite a lot of demand for a range of medicinal and paper goods products including cold and flu tablets, throat lozenges and tissues.”

This spokesperson then went on to state, “While customers might notice that the availability of some of their preferred brands might be limited, we continue to offer a wide range of alternatives across these ranges.”

News.com.au also noted that Coles was walking a very similar line when discussing this issue. As a spokesperson for Coles told the publication, “Customers may notice that some stores might not have their usual brands of facial tissues in stock at the moment.” This spokesperson additionally promised, “We want to assure customers that there will be enough stock to get them through this flu season.”

However, it seems as if neither the Coles or the Woolworths representative mentioned the fact that we’re still battling the coronavirus pandemic.

Are COVID and the Flu to Blame?

Both COVID and the flu are contagious airborne viruses that can give folks runny noses.

As Queensland’s Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said in a press release, “We have seen how difficult it has been to fight COVID-19.” She then went on to emphasise, “To fight COVID-19 and the flu is doubly hard.”

How Can You Get Your Hands On Some Tissues?

Well, I’d recommend going to the picnic supplies area and checking if there are any napkins still available. During the height of the 2020 tissue and paper towel shortage, this was my go-to move. It often brought me a small morsel of joy and success.

Hopefully, this strategy will work in your favour if you need it. Good luck. 

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