Sydney’s Trains Were in Chaos Yesterday But Are They Any Better Now?

In 2022, there were more Sydney train delays than a single commuter could ever comprehend. Well, that’s a tad of an exaggeration, but you get the idea.

These delays happened because the Rail, Tram, and Bus Union were regularly on strike. The union wanted NSW to score some safer trains, and the NSW Government wouldn’t budge. However, these two parties eventually came to a deal, and the Sydney train delay crisis was meant to come to a close. 

So, with this in mind, let’s smash cut to March 8 of 2023. ‘Cause on this day, tens of thousands of Sydney train users were left stranded. 

Train Delays in Sydney

On March 8, at 2.45pm, Transport for NSW’s digital radio system failed. This communication breakdown left a whack of commuters stranded in some of Sydney’s biggest train stations. What’s more, this error caused a gnarly ripple effect, with train trips across the whole rail system getting thrown into the bin. 

At 4.45pm, this system failure was fixed, but the damage had already been done. Another Sydney train delay catastrophe had occurred, and no peak-hour commuters were getting back to their fams on time. 

NSW’s Transport Minister, David Elliott, stated that this issue was most likely an internal error. However, he also threw some interesting theories into the mix.  

As Elliott said, “I’m awaiting briefings on whether it was foreign interference or industrial sabotage, but at the moment, my understanding is that it was more likely a glitch, but we have to investigate.”

Trains in Sydney Today: Are They Still Munted?

Around just after midnight on March 9, numerous Transport for NSW accounts tweeted the following message: “Allow extra travel time due to a train communication issue. Trains may stop on platforms or between stations for longer than normal while the incident is ongoing.”

However, these Sydney train delay issues might have now been resolved.

“At 7.00am, services are running on or close to time,” tweeted multiple Transport for NSW accounts. “Track individual services in real-time with transport apps or tweet us if you need a hand travelling.”

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