Summer’s Here, and These Are the Biggest Trends to Try


With every new season comes that always awkward transition of style. If you’re stuck staring into your closet wondering what exactly you should wear this summer, we’ve got a few hints to make it easier.

This season, we’re going back to the basics. While “fun” is still in the style vocabulary of 2020 summer trends, it’s the kind of fun that endures year after year. We’re seeing a big resurgence of dressing that heavily leans on decades past.

From ’80s inspired pant silhouettes to sunnies that look straight out of 1965, this summer we’re going to be calling on the best summer looks form every era.

To read more about the top ten summer fashion trends you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2020, keep scrolling. 

1. Khaki suit pants

Slowly but surely, men’s khakis seem to be taking over women’s fashion. With the subtle, neutral colour, they’re perfect for pairing with white or black tanks for a minimalist look.

Taking cues from classic men’s tailoring, the versions we’ve been spotting everywhere seem to be a little baggier but still tailored: Like the boyfriend jeans of trousers. Slightly high-waisted, they look perfect with a sleek belt.

Top off the look with some black sunnies and classic hoop earrings. Find them in a lighter material, and these will be your new alternative to jeans in the summer. 

2. Hawaiin Shirts

Once only finding a home on daggy dads on vacation, the Hawaiian shirt has finally earned its fashion stripes. Reminiscent of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, the iconic printed shirts seem to be the new replacement for the grungy band tee.

Pair a Hawaiin shirt with some high-waisted jean shorts for a retro tropical feel, or use one as a coverup at the beach. Tie it up. Button it up. Leave it open.

3. Sporty Sandals

If you loved your velcro Tevas back in kindergarten, I have good news for you: They’re making a comeback. Strappy, comfy, multi-purpose sandals seem to be all the rage this summer — and that’s one trend that is highly-convenient.

There’s nothing worse than trying to complete a coastal walk in flimsy sandals. And having to untie sneakers every time you want to dip into the water is equally as bad. Thankfully, sporty sandals bridge the gap between form and function to provide your feet with support while also fitting in with this season’s biggest trends.

Pair it with a Hawaiin shirt for an ironic take on a tack tourist — we’re not sure how, but it just seems to work

4. Sunglasses Straps

Riding on the wave of tacky tourist, sunglasses straps are another big trend for summer 2020. Unlike the neoprene version your local lifeguard might wear on-duty, there are many chic versions popping up everywhere. Once again: Fashionable and functional.

From beaded options to chain link ones that look like jewellery in their own right, there is a multitude of sunnies straps to experiment with. They even look cool when you take your sunnies off, letting them hang down around your neck like a necklace. 

5. Cardigan-Shirts

Great news: The classic cardigan isn’t just for autumn anymore. This summer, we’re seeing an influx of short-sleeved and cropped options so that you can keep the look going — without overheating.

Just like a typical cardigan, these look great paired with jeans, or even over your favourite little black dress. Sure they don’t add a lot of warmth, but that’s kind of the point. A summer sweater, what a great concept! 

6. Yellow Bikinis

It was an itsy-bitsy teensy-weensy… yellow bikini. While the colour might sound unflattering off the bat, there are so many great options suitable for every skin tone.

We’ve seen tie-dye versions, ruffled versions, and — yes — even polka dot bikinis. The bright colour looks perfect for summer, and you’ll rock up to the beach looking as sunny as the weather.

Better yet, a bright bikini can make a great statement undergarment beneath a sheer shirt or button-up. 

7. Slinky dresses

Forget the ruffles, forget the frill: When it comes to going-out dresses this summer, we’re all about the slinky options. From simplistic silk slips to simply cut silhouettes, less is more.

Where you might have before reached for ruffle sleeves, this summer try to rethink your options and go for no sleeves at all. Spaghetti straps and clean lines, keep it simple when going out this summer — and we guarantee you’ll look chic as ever. 

8. Retro Sunnies

Retro sunnies are always trending, but the thing that’s always changing is which era they’re from. While ‘90s glasses were the thing last year, this year we seem to be making a U-turn and steering back towards big and bold looks.

Unlike the tiny frames of 2019, 2020 is about big acetate glasses with thick lenses and bold colours. Square and cat-eye shapes are gaining momentum, and we predict that oval varieties will take off too.

To make things even more fun, go for a pair with coloured lenses: Blue, yellow, and pink will add a pop of colour to any summer outfit. 

9. Baseball caps

Here we are again, taking fashion cues from unsuspecting dads. And just like the Hawaiian shirts and sporty sandals your old pop wears on holiday, it’s time to appropriate any old baseball caps as well.

With the new trends coming up this summer leaning more on the sportier side, last year’s straw hat might look a little out of place. That’s where the baseball cap comes in, and dare we say, it’s more convenient.

Fold it up, throw it in your bag, and you’re good to go. Such an easy way to add a little something extra to an outfit, and it will protect your skin from the sun. A true win-win!

10. Classic Thongs 

You loved them in middle school, and if you’re being really, truly honest with yourself, you’ll see in your heart that you never stopped loving them. The classic thong in all it’s rubbery glory is making a massive comeback in 2020 — and we couldn’t be happier. Not only is the fuss-free design easy to pair with whatever you’re wearing, but it’s much more beach-proof than the straw and leather alternatives of years past. Better yet, simple thongs are usually much cheaper and what could be better than a wallet-friendly trend?