Bake and Sip Your Way to Christmas With This Sell-Out German-Themed Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are having a moment. While I grew up using them, counting down the days in December to Christmas, getting a chocolate treat for every day that I patiently waited, they seem to be everywhere in the last few years, evolving past simple chocolate to now hold beauty products, LEGO pieces and even non-alcoholic booze.

This latest calendar, though, has to be one of the most inventive — and delicious. Created by Melbourne-based Gewurzhaus Spice House, the Gewürzhaus Spice Advent Calendar ($85) features 24 spices and teas, including year-round classics, festive favourites and three new blends exclusive to the calendar. It’s also got 24 keepsake recipe cards, including four that have never been published, as well as daily digital content throughout the calendar period and 10 hidden chances to win $100 in spices.

Image: Gewürzhaus

All that is housed behind stunning artwork of a Christmas scene, meaning you can display and admire the calendar on a mantlepiece in your lounge or on a surface in your kitchen.

“The advent period is such a magical time of year, full of rhythms, traditions and looking forward to Christmas,” says Maria Konecsny, Gewürzhaus’ co-founder. “Finding and opening those advent calendar doors amongst the beautifully hand-drawn illustration of our inaugural calendar will bring excitement and joy to adults after a tough year of lockdowns and COVID.”

“Each day brings the discovery of a different blend, complete with keepsake recipe cards and additional digital content that is exclusively accessible via the calendar,” she adds.

Given that the advent calendar originated in Germany and that the Gewürzhaus’ brand has German heritage, launching the product into the range made sense, Konecsny says. Also in line with the brand is the calendar’s sustainability factor. Konecsny says it was important to them that the calendar had the lowest possible environmental footprint. Because of this, all spices are packaged in individual home compostable, plant-based cellophane packets and the box itself is 100% recyclable. How’s that for being considered!

So, when can you get your hands on this environmentally-friendly, spice and tea extravaganza? Well, it goes on sale on Saturday, November 6 at 10am. And, judging by the fact it sold out in its pre-sale, it seems likely to sell out again – so, be sure to bookmark that date. Merry (spicy) Christmas to you. Get your Gewürzhaus Spice Advent Calendar ($85) here.

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