Host of Spotify’s ‘Search Engine Sex’ Podcast in Disbelief After Psychic Reading

Rowdie Walden

Rowdie Walden has only ever been to one psychic before and the experience left him wanting.

Being invited onto the SEEN by Anita podcast as a guest which would involve a psychic reading, Rowdie was sceptical of what might happen this time around.

It wasn’t until the host, Anita Anabel, started communicating with his grandmother, that things took an interesting turn.

Even more so, when it came time for the callback and the Search Engine Sex podcast host shared some things he had learned since the first recording, he was in disbelief.

“This lady is very, very old. She is an elder,” Anabel told Walden. “I would say this is from your Indigenous side.”

“The Indigenous side of my family is all women,” Walden confirmed.

“I do also have a grandma energy that was very close to you who has passed away,” Anabel continued. “Your mum’s mum. She’s definitely here and she’s very much protecting your heart centre.”

Walden said that he was “very close” to his grandma when he was young before she passed away.

“What I actually find is that you really followed her around,” Anabel told him. “I feel like you held onto her skirt or something? There might even be a photograph of you because you were very little.”

A few weeks later, during the callback, Walden confirmed that there was indeed a photo of him holding onto his grandma’s skirt.

“The one thing that really stuck out when you brought up the photo of me and my nan, I’d never seen that photo before. Like, ‘where did she pull that from? That doesn’t exist. I would have seen it by now.’

“But then when I asked my mum, she’s like, ‘yeah, I know the photo. I’ve got the photo.’ To me, that’s just a bit creepy. She said [his mum], ‘There’s a photo of you holding her skirt’.”

To hear the full story and to listen to the full episode of SEEN by Anita with Rowdie Walden, click below.

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