Revitalise Yourself With Friends (or a Date) at This Rozelle Bath House

The Bath House Rozelle

The Sydney boom in bath houses continues with another opening in Rozelle. Launched by Australian skin needling specialist, Samantha Appel, The Bath House offers a dry Swedish sauna and two ice baths, all looking out over the city. It was designed for groups of friends, dates or double dates and solo visits where you can meet like-minded people.

“After visiting similar bath houses and loving the benefits of hot and cold therapy, I wanted to create a space that was bold, calming and relaxing, without it being clinical,” says Appel.

“I wanted the sauna and ice bath to be in the same room, so people could practice contrast therapy. I believe maximum wellness benefits are achieved if you contrast between hot and cold therapy up to three times in one session.”

Image: The Bath House Rozelle

For research, Appel talked to friends and visited bath houses all over the world. From sauna and ice baths, guests can see the Sydney skyline, including the Harbour Bridge. The bath house has a green theme with plants scattered throughout, which Appel says add warmth.

“It’s also communal and fits four people at once,” she says. “Guests can roam freely throughout the bath house and indulge in the space without being confined to just a sauna or an ice bath. There’s also a sitting area with tea, refreshments and a collection of wellness books for guests to take a break.”

It’s been said dry Swedish saunas can improve circulation, relieve stress and improve your skin health and appearance. The benefits of ice baths are said to include mental rejuvenation, reduced fatigue and increased circulation.

Image: The Bath House Rozelle

Appel says since opening, it’s been amazing to see people who’ve never used an ice bath leave with a massive grin on their faces. The endorphins are instant, she says, and last throughout the day. Appel has also seen guests who have just had knee surgery or have a chronic illness find instant relief.

“It’s not as much we are seeing people responding differently — they are just responding immediately, and it is so amazing to see and be a part of improving people’s lives,” says Appel. “The biggest feedback is that people’s sleep dramatically improves and stress levels are gone after each session. People are using the bath house like they would a gym.”

Pass options include weekly memberships, which allow you a 60-minute visit every day, single visits, five-pack or 10-pack. Appel tells guests to ‘feel their way through’ visits, as each person’s experience will differ — some will prefer longer in the sauna and less time in the ice bath, and others vice-versa.

“Some customers will dip into both and then sip a tea and read a book,” says Appel. “If our guests listen to their bodies, stay hydrated and embrace the time they’ve taken out of their day to put themselves first, then they’re well on their way to ‘perfect’ experience here.”

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