R.M. Williams Will Give You a $150 Voucher to Trade in Your Worn Boots

rm williams trade

While nothing is forever, a pair of R.M. Williams boots comes pretty damn close.

Investing in a pair of these Australian-made boots means having a pair of versatile, comfortable and hard-wearing shoes for half a century, in some cases, and so it’s no surprise the brand’s Chelsea boots are worn and enjoyed by so many.

But depending on how you care for them, and depending on the varying stresses you put your shoes through, even the toughest of boots will show their wear eventually, which is why many look to replace a pair of RMs after 10 years or so.

Now, the Adelaide-based shoemakers want to help you do just that, by offering a sizeable voucher to those who bring in their tattered and worn-out boots to stores around Australia.

Between now and October 25, the good folk at R.M. Williams will hand over a $150 voucher to spend on a new pair of boots when you bring in a pair of old ones. You can even bring in a pair of old non-RMs and receive a $100 voucher to upgrade to a new pair.

The staff will inspect your boots to make sure they’re worthy of the trade, and if your old boots are deemed worn-in enough (but still wearable), you’ll walk out of the store with a new pair of shoes at a significant discount. Pretty good right?

Even better still, the shoes R.M. Williams accepts will be upcycled and given a second life. All traded boots will be sent over to the Adelaide workshop to be repaired and refurbished, to be sold as a vintage range in the future.

All non-RMs traded in will be donated to World’s Biggest Garage Sale for upcycling.

The ‘Trade in your Boots‘ offer is available at R.M.Williams own stores across Australia and New Zealand. The offer is not available at Myer and David Jones stores or R.M.Williams outlets.

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