The Easiest (and Cheapest) Way to Score a Spot in the Qantas Lounge

qantas lounge pass

Qantas has made it easier for you to get that pre-flight Champagne-and-tarmac Instagram shot. The airline announced a 28-day subscription that gives you access to its 30 Qantas-branded lounges.

Called Qantas Club Flexible, the 28-day rolling membership can be cancelled at any time up to three days before it renews. It gives you unlimited access to 30 Qantas Club, Qantas Domestic and Qantas International Business lounges in Australia and worldwide. The pass won’t give you access to Qantas first-class lounges or Qantas airline partner lounges.

Subscribers will also get Domestic On Departure Upgrade rewards and a complimentary Qantas frequent flyer membership if they don’t have one already. Customers who sign up for a Qantas Club Flexible membership and travel before March 31, 2025, will get the bonus benefit of an extra checked bag.

“I sense that Qantas has set the price low enough to entice first-time users to experience the lounge,” says Chris Chamberlin, news editor at Point Hacks. “At the same time, Qantas wanted to make the monthly subscription price high enough to avoid existing annual subscribers from toggling their membership on and off throughout the year.”

Qantas lounge pass
Image: Qantas

The Qantas Club Flexible membership costs $99 for 28 days, plus a $129 once-off joining fee. This works out to be around $1,287 for the year.

If you are thinking you might travel regularly throughout the year, the existing Qantas Club membership might be a better option. It costs $699 for a year, plus a $129 once-off fee. You can save even more if you commit to a couple of years of annual membership in advance. It’s $1,299 for two years and $2,399 for four years.

You can also use Qantas points for annual memberships. It’ll cost you 116,500 points for a year membership, 216,500 for two years and 399,900 for four years.

“The Qantas Club Flexible for a year costs 71% more than an annual membership, but without the benefits of a full annual membership — such as being able to access eligible partner airline lounges or being able to bring an adult guest into the lounge,” says Chamberlin.

In 2023, Qantas announced plans to invest over $100 million to upgrade its lounge network in Australia and overseas. The investment features four new lounges, including a flagship First Lounge at London’s Heathrow Airport (not accessible to Qantas Club Flexible members), the re-opening of the Hong Kong International Lounge and a refurbishment and expansion of the International Business Lounge in Sydney.

Also refreshed is the International Business Lounge in Melbourne. Lounges will also open at Hobart and Broome airports.

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