An Astrologer Predicted Coronavirus In 2016, Here’s What She Sees for 2021


Jessica Lanyadoo is a US astrologer and psychic medium who is able to predict the future using both her intuition and the stars. In 2016, she predicted a world event that has changed our lives completely.

“It was because of the astrology, in 2016 I saw it. I talked about it with my partner in 2017, it was right around the new year,” she told host of the SEEN by Anita podcast, Anita Anabel.

“It was after Trump was elected and I think it was after he had taken office and my partner and I took a walk and I just broke down for him, I was like, ‘OK, I see an air-born virus coming and it having a genocidal impact, something that just decimates populations’,” Lanyadoo said.

“I thought it was coming in November 2020, I didn’t think it was going to show up as early as it did.”

Lanyadoo felt prepared for the pandemic, however, did not want to share it publically by being a “doomsday predictor”.

“I don’t want to predict death,” she said before adding, “There’s nothing useful [in it]. If I worked with the CDC [Centre for Disease Control and Prevention] or the World Health Organisation, I would have given that information.”

While other psychics and astrologers often set out to prove that they saw something coming, Lanyadoo feels differently.

“If it’s not constructive, then I don’t want to do that,” she said.

Jessica Lanyadoo

During the podcast episode, which was recorded in November 2020, Lanyadoo spoke of what was to come the following year regarding the pandemic.

“So, 2021 is going to be better?” Anabel asked.

“I mean, it’s hard to answer that for a lot of reasons, including, what you go through in Australia is different to what goes on here,” Lanyadoo responded.

“I think any Nation that has socialised medicine has a radically different perspective than what goes on in the States where healthcare is so hard to come by, it’s so expensive. And the way that the pandemic has been mismanaged by the Trump administration has been catastrophic. I don’t see how that’s going to go away.”

The coronavirus isn’t the only recent event that Lanyadoo has predicted. In fact, she also saw civil unrest in the US for 2021.

“The rise of strongmen leaders. The rise of bigotry, scapegoating and hate, there’s astrology to why it’s happening now and I don’t see that astrology changing in 2021. I do see the US is coming to crisis in 2021.”

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