You Can Now Own a Porsche Without Breaking The Bank, Thanks to LEGO

porsche car lego

We already know that LEGO isn’t just for kids anymore. The adult LEGO sets — called 18+ Creator Expert Sets—are becoming increasingly more impressive by the week, seeing creations like Van Gogh’s A Starry Night and The Colosseum designed to perfection. 

LEGO’s latest creation, the 10295 Porsche 911 & 911 Targa Set, uses 1,485 pieces and gives you the option to build the 1970s – 1980s Porsche in the 911 Turbo or the 911 Targa design. 

Like always, LEGO has thought of every detail. You can make the wide-fendered 911 with the iconic whale tail of the 911 Turbo, and you can even take the roof off for a class 911 Targa.

The interior pieces are coloured orange, and when assembled, very closely reflect the actual car’s leather upholstery. You even get the greebly black line along the bottom of the car, a classic, recognisable feature of vintage Porsches.

The hood and engine bar can both open, and you can store the roof panel of the Targa in the front luggage compartment. 

lego car

Congrats, you basically own a Porsche now. All you need is some magic spell that will make it life-size!

The set is the first of the Creator series not to feature the Creator logo, which has got to be for design purposes. This set is really all about the finer details, details all you car-lovers out there will appreciate. 

One of the most interesting touches is that the license plate reads PT1AK3, which may not mean much to you personally, but is actually a reference to the designer of this set: Mike Pskiaki. You can also swap out the plates from European to New York, depending on what kind of driver you are.

The set is priced at $188 AUD and you can buy it here.

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