Tastemakers: Pip Edwards’ Top Spots to Eat and Drink in Bondi

Pip Edwards best Bondi restaurants

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How Pip Edwards sold Bondi to the world. This reads a headline of a 2017 article on the co-founder and creative director of athleticwear and streetwear brand P.E Nation. Edwards, who currently lives in nearby Rose Bay, spent more than 20 years living and spending most of her time in Bondi. As such, she’s one of the best people to ask about where to eat.

“Twenty-two years ago, we had Bondi Icebergs and North Bondi Italian, at the time, and they were the two iconic restaurants — that’s all we had, at direct ends of each other,” Edwards says. “And we had Raw Bar. And we were happy with that. And then everything’s popped up and now we’ve got every cuisine possible, which is amazing.”

Pip Edwards Bondi restaurants
Image: Instagram @pipedwards

It’s a mecca for all kinds of food and fine-dining to quick eats, she says, which explains why many residents feel they don’t need to leave. Instead, all their tastebuds are tickled in the ‘Bondi bubble’. “Bondi really does have it all,” she says.

Ahead, Edwards shares her current favourite places to eat and drink in Bondi. From a venue she considers to be her “home away from home”, to another with some of the best smoothies she’s had in the world, this is Edwards’ edit of the best of the Bondi right now.

Icebergs Dining Room and Bar

First up on Edwards’ list is Bondi institution, Icebergs Dining Room, which opened in 2002. The brainchild of Italian-Australian restauranteur Maurice Terzini, the venue was renovated in 2022.

“Of course, I have to say Icebergs,” Edwards says. “That’s my home away from home. I always go for a meat dish, to be honest. They do the best Wagyu and I always go for the stock-standard gamberetti. I’m a creator of habit.”

Edwards says she’s also a fan of the sgroppino, a drink that’s part dessert, part cocktail. Made and served tableside, it’s made with house sorbet, prosecco and vodka.

Raw Bar 

For a quintessential Bondi dining experience, Edwards suggests you spend the day at the beach and then head to Raw Bar in North Bondi for an early dinner.

“Finish [the day] off with some sushi,” she says. “I actually love the rice-less rolls. I get that with prawn. The eggplant miso. The spicy edamame. And the Mt Fuji Roll — it’s got all the bells and whistles. And of course, a margarita.”

Sean’s Panorama

Edwards says she also often dines at Sean’s Panorama. The restaurant along Campbell Parade is owned by chef Sean Moran and has been open since 1993.

Seans Bondi
Image: Sean’s

Sean’s is up there for me,” she says. “It’s just got an amazing vibe with his whole premise of farm-to-plate. I enjoy that idea. I’m all down for their chicken.”

The Shop and Wine Bar

Edwards says one Bondi café she currently goes to religiously and has been a long-time favourite of hers is The Shop and Wine Bar. Opened in 2004, the Curlewis Street spot is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner most days.

“It’s such a boutique, intimate, family-run business and they know everyone,” she says. “It’s got the best vibe, and they do the best meatballs.


Edwards also mentions sandwich shop S’Wich, which opened opposite Lox Stock and Barrel on Glenayr Avenue in 2022. “They do great bowls and sandwiches,” she says.

The Health Emporium 

“Something a little bit more low-fi, low-key is The Health Emporium on Bondi Road,” says Edwards. “It’s my ultimate place to get some of the best smoothies I’ve ever had in the world. It’s all healthy and they’ve got vegan options. That’s an unsung hero for me.”

Opened in 1996, the family-owned and run business is a health food shop and smoothie, juice and café bar. It stocks everything from bone broth and fermented foods, to baby products.


For many Bondi locals, no list of top venues would be complete without a mention of Merivale-owned Totti’s, which opened in 2018, and that’s the case with Edwards too.

“You can’t not go without popping that bread and having some burrata,” she says.


Another Bondi restaurant and bar favourite of Edwards’ is Rocker in North Bondi, particularly on a Friday night or Sunday afternoon.

Rocker Bondi
Image: Rocker

“It’s such a vibe for a bar,” she says. “It gets the last of the sun and all the good friends and locals go there for a really good time. I love the caviar and they do a mean margarita.”

Harris Farm

Also on Edwards’ list is grocery store chain Harris Farm, which has had a location on Hall Street in Bondi since 2016.

“I’m such a Harris Farm girl,” says Edwards. “And then there’s that great field-to-fork where I get my favourite biltong. I just go there to see people, it’s like a little outing. I like the way they curate you through the supermarket. That’s my favourite part.”

Skittle Lane

For her caffeine hit, Edwards heads to Skittle Lane, which has spots in the CBD, Circular Quay, Manly and Bondi. The Bondi venue on Curlewis Street has an in-house roastery.

“Far out,” says Edwards. “Now that I think – like, honestly what doesn’t Bondi have?”

Bondi Markets

“The Bondi Markets are great, but from the markets, I get pho,” she says. “The pho there is next-level. There is also Bar Pho [on Warners Avenue], which I go to quite frequently with my son.”

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