You Can Now Buy 99 Pabst Blue Ribbon Beers in a Two-Metre-Long Slab


Pabst Blue Ribbon beers has launched its excessive 99 Cans pack of premium lager in Australia, just in time for your mate’s backyard barbecue.

The more than two-metre-long slab weighs around 37kgs and carries enough beer to fill a small keg.

Of the launch of the popular product in Australia, Dave O’Connor, national field sales manager of Tribe Breweries, who distributes Pabst in Australia, says: “Pabst truly is one of the great heritage beer brands and has been so well received in Australia.

“As we start to resume our normal habits, spending time with friends and celebrating occasions together, our team is looking forward to seeing the weird and wacky ways people will undoubtedly respond to this launch.”

Pabst Blue Ribbon is a quintessentially American brand based out of Los Angeles. Established in 1844, it is the largest American-owned brewery. Long association with the American traditions of tailgating, sports and the arts scene, the no-nonsense brew is ideal for summer gatherings with friends with its crisp and refreshing taste.

The beer has been available in Australia since 2018, however, this is the first time the 99 Cans pack will be available for purchase.

Interested? The 99 Cans pack is available to purchase for $250 for a limited time at select retailers, including online at Craft Cartel, at The Barrel Room in Marrickville, Kemeny’s in Bondi, Liquor on Oxford in Surry Hills and more.

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