Stuck in a Rut With Your Partner? Opera Could be the Thing to Get You Going Again

Generally, when you think of the opera, you probably think of something a bit older, or stuffy. You probably don’t equate it with sexiness, do you? The closest you get is probably that scene from Pretty Woman where Vivian (Julia Roberts) is moved to tears after an opera performance that’s hitting a little too close to home, before answering an elderly patron’s question about her experience: “It was so good, I nearly peed my pants.”

So you’ve got older, stuffy, and Julia Roberts almost wetting herself. Not the most sensual of experiences. Until now, that is. 

It turns out that opera actually has a bit of a *sexy* secret. In fact, a new social study released by Opera Australia found that 97% of people felt more connected to their partner after experiencing an opera performance together — with 91% of couples surveyed calling the aforementioned experience “romantic” and “intimate”. 66% called it arousing and stimulating — in terms of their emotions and senses, that is.

This isn’t the first time opera has been found to be titillating. A piece from Mic interviewed a professor of music at Cornell University, Judith Anna Peraino, who said the phenomenon of music as a tool of arousal dates back to the sirens of Homer’s Odyssey — yep, we’re talking ancient history here.

Relationship and sex experts also agree on the power opera has in terms of intimacy and arousal; Georgia Grace (a certified Australian sex coach) says that “absolutely”, the opera can foster a greater sense of intimacy between partners. 

Adding to this, Grace explains that the pleasure centres of the brain — which fires up when you fall in love — are stimulated by opera, a fact that is “scientifically proven.” She also suggested that couples watch an opera performance together, as it’s a fascinating way to “explore intimacy, eroticism, and how your body responds to certain stimuli.”

If you want to try it out for yourself — and try it out on your partner — Opera Australia is launching a ‘Lover’s Special’ come June 22. You and your significant other will be able to revel in an opulent night at the opera and be incredibly moved by someone else’s love story — that of Aida. 

And they’re offering two-for-one tickets and a drink on arrival for the first 100 couples to use promo code LOVERS at opera.org.au.

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