This Mini Goon Series Brings High School Nostalgia and Australia’s Best New Drops

australian wine

Think wines from Australia’s best independent winemakers, curated and chosen by sommeliers to be delivered by the glass – in mini goon sacks. Does it get better?

Meet A Glass Of, the innovative company that is selling wines by the glass, rather than the bottle. For $45 a box, wine lovers get five pouches of wine at 200ml each, the perfect glass pour; being slightly over a standard restaurant glass (150ml). 

Not only is it super affordable, drinking wine by the glass is the best way to learn about different varieties and flavours of wine that you prefer, and this way, it’s chosen for you. What a dream.

If you weren’t already feeling good about ordering a box for the weekend, the team being A Glass Of have a big focus on sustainability, not only in their wine selections but also with their packaging. The lush goon pouches require 73% less energy than a standard glass bottle, 94% less water and 82% fewer emissions. You can also recycle the pouches at any Redcycle™ drop off location, giving us that full-circle moment.

With a clear passion to support small and independent winemakers, the sommeliers are choosing wines that offer diversity in taste, colour, region and characteristics. No two wines will be the same. 

For the first A Glass Of box, Gabby Webster, Head Sommelier at Bondi’s Iceberg’s Dining Room, brings a collection together from Nick Spencer out of Tumbarumba (NSW), Margaret River’s (WA) Blind Corner, Mudgee’s (NSW) Gilbert, Studebaker from Gippsland (VIC) and A. Retief from Hilltops (NSW).

Sounds delicious, right? I bet you never thought you’d be excited to drink wine out of a goon sack in the backyard again.

Nationwide delivery is free, the goons are cute and the wine is juicy. Order some or find out more at their website.

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