Easy Tips to Make Your Small Living Room Feel Twice as Large


Chances are your living room lived up to its name in 2020. If you’re staying in or working from home, then you’re likely still treating the space like your home office, gym, lunchroom and breakout zone.

For many of us, particularly those who live in apartments, the living room is often not the largest space. Usually, we have just enough room for a TV and sitting area, plus maybe a multi-functional dining area that we share with a partner, roommate or family.

All of this is to say that the space is probably feeling a little cramped after so many months in isolation, and that if there was a way to make it feel bigger, then you may be interested to hear about it.

Thankfully, there are a number of easy ways you can transform your living area to maximise your space. Here, we’re serving you some tips and tricks to make the most of your lounge room.

Hang a gallery wall

Hanging art on every wall can very easily box in your space and highlight the dimensions of a small room. To give the illusion of more space, consider hanging all art on one wall, and especially above the television. By evenly spacing your prints and paintings on the same wall as the TV, you help to pull focus from the piece of technology and create points of interest around it.


Use rugs to zone your space

A particularly helpful took for creating more space in a multi-functional living room is to use rugs to zone different areas. Since the lounge area is typically a more cosy space, lay a rug underneath the sofa and coffee table to anchor the space. Be aware of your colour choices here, though — a neutral colour is best to create an airy illusion.


Choose furniture wisely

Not always as easy for those moving into a new space with pre-existing furniture, but if you are in a position to buy furniture for a new home, then be sure to measure your space to exact dimensions before shopping for pieces.

When buying furniture for a small living space, be sure to choose pieces that will fit into tight corners. Nothing will highlight the compact nature of a room faster than the image of your sofa hanging out over a doorframe.

In addition, opt for a sofa with a lower back, and preferably with elevated legs underneath. The same goes for your coffee table, and if it’s your style, you can choose a glass coffee table that appears near-invisible. The more air you create in the room, the better.


Get smart with storage

Choose furniture and homewares that serve the dual purpose of looking great while also housing room for your possessions. Look out for coffee tables with storage shelves, bookcases with cupboards at the bottom, a TV unit with draws or shelves, and smaller items like woven baskets. Try to remove any unnecessary clutter from your space and stow away anything that doesn’t need to be out on display.


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