Planning to Move? Might We Suggest One of These Top 10 Australian Lottery Hot Spots

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We’ve all had that conversation with mates about what we’d do if we won the lottery. If you are looking to win the lottery — more specifically, score the jackpot — first let’s look at your odds (they’re not great). According to Lottoland, you’ve got a one in 45,379,620 chance of winning OzLotto. As for the Powerball? It’s one in 292,201,338. Yep. The odds are stacked against you.

Turns out, there are actually locations in Australia that are luckier than others when it comes to the lotto — so it might be time to up and move (but don’t buy a home until you’ve secured those winnings).

If you’re desperate to cash in, Bulgarra, a small town on the north coast of Western Australia (look at a map and you’ll get what we mean) is the luckiest postcode in the country apparently. Why? Because in that small town is where customers are “collecting the highest average wins over the past two years”.

Birkdale, a coastal city in Queensland that looks like it’s about 30 minutes outside of Brisbane on a good day, secured the second spot when it came to lotto hotspots.

St Mary’s in Western Sydney took out the third spot. Other suburbs in NSW took out four more spots in the top ten (a lucky state?). Concord West came in fourth; St Leonards, fifth; Auburn, sixth; the eighth place went to Tanilba Bay.

Western Australia also had two other appearances on the list, with Singleton and Mount Hawthorn coming in seventh, and ninth, respectively. Rounding off the list? An appearance from South Australia, with Hope Valley in Adelaide taking number ten — an apt name for a lucky suburb.

No appearances from the Northern Territory, Victoria, Tasmania, or even the ACT.

The top ten lottery hot spots in Australia:

1. Bulgarra, WA

2. Birkdale, QLD

3. St Marys, NSW

4. Concord West, NSW

5. St Leonards, NSW

6. Auburn, NSW

7. Singleton, WA

8. Tanilba Bay, NSW

9. Mount Hawthorn, WA

10. Hope Valley, SA

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