The $18 Skirt We’re Racing to Kmart For


Earlier this year, we came to the sudden realisation that Kmart is not just an everything superstore, but a viable clothing retailer worth the time and perusal of the fashion-conscious.

Today, the sentiment stands true, particularly with the addition of an $18 satin skirt that’s both proving wildly popular among budget style influencers and is reminiscent of Vivian from Pretty Woman‘s iconic polo-day polkadot look.

pretty woman dress
Source: Touchstone Pictures

The Kmart satin midi skirt features an A-line silhouette that cinches at the waist and falls elegantly below the knee. The warm chocolate base is scattered with while polkadots and is paired beautifully with simple basics in neutral shades.

One post on Instagram from affordable style blog, Trash to Treasured, showcases five women wearing the skirt and details their individual ways for styling it.

You guys, Kmart has levelled up. We know it, the influencers know it, and their followers know it, too. Trash to Treasured’s post has over 2,300 likes and nearly 100 comments from followers besotted with the affordable garment.

“Kmart does it again,” wrote one follower with another adding: “Okay I’m going to Kmart. What a bargain.”

The on-trend skirt is a stand-out item in a line that commands applause from the budget retailer. But throughout Kmarts in Australia right now, there are plenty of basics and statement garments that have garnered a huge amount of love online.

Check out some of our favourites below.

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