Kmart’s Foam Curlers Are the Secret to Heat-Free Waves

Heat styling, while quick and effective, can be tough on your hair — especially if your locks are weakened from regular bleaching.

In some cases, your hair might simply not like heat styling tools and became dry and brittle after using them. While this is annoying, it’s not your only option.

Since we all discovered the hair straightener in high school, the concept of heat-free styling has gone out the window. But, it might be time for you to revisit a few hairstyling options from before the time of straighteners and curling wands.

Enter: Kmart’s Bendy Rollers. For $6, this eight pack of purple rollers will help you achieve your dreams of tousled waves without the need for heat. The size of your foam curlers will determine the shape of your wave. For example, smaller rollers will give you tight curls while a thicker curler will produce waves.

Image: Kmart

These Bendy Rollers can be used on wet or dry hair but if you want a more noticeable wavy look, pop them in after you’ve washed your hair. Once you’ve placed each curler into your hair, leave it in overnight and take out in the morning to reveal your heat-free waves.

For a thorough how-to on using the foam curlers, head to YouTube as there are a plethora of instructional videos there that will show you how to use these in your hair, like this video below.

The foam curlers can be used again and again, so you’ll be able to replicate the wavy look as often as you like. Unlike other heat-free curlers, the foam rollers don’t need any clips, pins or bands to secure in your hair, making it way more comfortable and less hassle.

Shop the Bendy Rollers online or in-store at Kmart.

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